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Imagine your law firm running at its full potential. CASEpeer is an intuitive cloud based case management solution for personal injury attorneys. From tracking leads to the resolution of the client trust, we empower law firms every step of the way.

CASEpeer encourages your team to work faster and smarter. Intentionally designed tools allow your attorneys and staff to master their workloads.

We make it easy to manage your law firm, so you can focus on growing your business.


    Revolutionize your case management. All the fields you need to organize your files once and for all.

    Stay on track with integrated task management. Assign tasks on the go, or trigger custom task flows for your cases.

     Integrated calendar, automatic statute notifications, and conflict alerts keep your firm on point.

    Establish a knowledge base. Monitor your firm’s history with doctors, experts, and other contacts.

     Hosted in a secure cloud on redundant servers, your data is continually backed up.

    No more busy work. Generate pre-populated letters, envelopes, and forms with a single click.

    Comprehensive settlement tools designed to track demands, offers, liens, fees, and costs.

    Collaborate with your team on litigation events and track discovery requests and responses across cases.

    Built-in reports help you track leads, settlements, deadlines, campaigns, productivity, and more.

     In addition to extensive documentation, our dedicated support team is always ready to help.


Connect with your favorite office tools.


At CASEpeer, we understand the unique needs of personal injury law firms.
Our robust features are designed with you in mind.

  • We're a better firm because of CASEpeer - it's that simple. The cloud based storage integration makes every step of the case management process more efficient. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Ultimately it's the client who benefits, as we're able to spend more time lawyering and strengthening the case, and less time trying to make sense of the organized chaos that was our previous system.
    Ryan Miller, Esq.Ryan Miller, Esq.The Lions Injury Lawyers
  • As a case management supervisor, CASEpeer makes my job possible. The detailed overview screens help me focus on the clients and teams that need my help most. CASEpeer’s cases are detailed, with all the information critical to managing personal injury claims. It’s also easy to use, which means less time spent training new staff.
    Nicole CrossNicole CrossCase Manager Supervisor
  • CASEpeer has transformed the way my firm operates. It is a powerful and intuitive tool for any personal injury practice. CASEpeer encourages collaboration, oversight, and accountability. Its robust features have without a doubt increased efficiency in every department. With CASEpeer we can plan for the future with ease.
    Sam Mirejovsky, Esq.Sam Mirejovsky, Esq.Bergener Mirejovsky
  • CASEpeer has a diverse feature set that meets the unique needs and challenges of a civil plaintiff practice. CASEpeer's streamlined processes and data reporting measurably save time and money. It is out-of-the-box intuitive which saves on training needs and ramp-up time.


Identify potential issues before they arise with our dynamic reports and management tools.


From digital case files to auto-generated documents, we help your law firm embrace the future.


Rich features and intuitive interface designed to maximize the potential of your business.