A Conversation with Tom Martin

Our CEO, Gabriela Cubeiro, is joined by Tom Martin, CEO and Founder of LawDroid, to discuss how law firms can be more effective in capturing leads through automation.

In CASEpeer's latest Conversation With webinar, “Driving lead generation through chatbots,” our CEO Gabriela Cubeiro sat down with Tom Martin, Founder and CEO of LawDroid. The two discuss how law firms can be more effective in capturing leads through automation. Their conversation covers the benefits of incorporating automation into your practice, what exactly a chatbot is, questions to consider when evaluating chatbot options, and much more. LawDroid is a no-code legal automation platform that allows you to systematize your expertise, scale your law firm's services, save time, money, and improve the client experience.

When Tom first started his career as an attorney, he remembers that everything had to be done by pen and paper. He talks about how incorporating technology makes his legal practice more fun and interesting. Tom Martin-Webinar-Blog Quotes-01One component of automation is a chatbot, which simply is a computer program that can automate a task or a conversation. Chatbots can be trained once with a script that lays out how to ask questions and which follow up questions to ask. The info received from the chatbot is then reported into a case management system to create documents. A chatbot is a way of having an automated legal assistant working for you that employs your best practices, branding, and firm personality. In addition, chatbots can take care of the less high level tasks while attorneys can focus on the tasks that require more human thought. Tom Martin-Webinar-Blog Quotes-04Tom elaborates that he sees more law firms using chatbots for lead capture and assistance with client intake. He explains that LawDroid’s chatbots can import information captured from a chat directly into a case management system or calendaring system to schedule an initial meeting with a potential client.Tom Martin-Webinar-Blog Quotes-02LawDroid is a no-code platform which means that it is a more easy-to-use, intuitive system than a coded platform. The platform includes templates that will automatically create a chatbot in your system without you having to do much work. 

In today’s legal tech space, we all know how important keeping up with current technical and ethical security standards are. As an attorney, Tom understands the importance of attorney-client privilege, the need for confidentiality, and handling sensitive information. Whenever someone interacts with one of LawDroid’s chatbots, the platform provides an initial disclaimer to inform the user that the chatbot is not an attorney, and a log that records exactly how the user answers. 

The two discuss questions that should be asked when evaluating chatbot options for a firm. Tom suggests not only to look at the features a certain chatbot service offers, but also consider the benefits and value it has for your firm in specific. Gabriela adds that easy implementation should also be a considering factor when choosing a chatbot service. To this point, Tom adds that LawDroid provides a built-for-you program that can help users build out their personalized chatbot. Tom Martin-Webinar-Blog Quotes-03Throughout Tom and Gabriela’s discussion, the two touch on several key topics around improving practice management efficiencies through automation and chatbots. Watch the full webinar for more valuable insights from this conversation with Gabriela Cubeiro and Tom Martin.

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