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CASEpeer Announces New Integration With Zapier

CASEpeer now integrates with Zapier! The new integration allows you to pass information between your favorite linked apps and build processes faster to get more done - no code required.

CASEpeer has announced the release of an integration with Zapier. The integration will allow law firms to seamlessly work between the two cloud-based technologies, connecting their favorite apps to automate workflows and boost worker productivity, saving time and money. 

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more cloud applications to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build an integration. With CASEpeer's app in Zapier, legal professionals can streamline processes between their other apps, cutting out busy work. 

As the legal industry moves further into a world of automation, law firms must adapt to changing technologies in order to stay competitive. CASEpeer is determined to provide its clients with the opportunities to help them succeed, which is why this integration with Zapier was no question. The Zapier integration will help CASEpeer’s clients outperform their competitors by giving them more time to focus on the core of their practice, and less time on the mundane, automable tasks. 

“Most law firms harness several different platforms to power their practice like Outlook, Slack, or Mailchimp. I’ve always admired Zapier’s ability to connect web apps, and am excited to offer their limitless automation possibilities to CASEpeer customers,” said CASEpeer CEO Gabriela Cubeiro.

The Zapier integration allows law firms to access the CASEpeer app and create workflows, known as “zaps”, to connect to their other favorite app based platforms.  A “zap” is an automated workflow that tells your apps to follow this simple command: "When this happens, do that." Law firms can use this app integration to trigger a series of actions whenever a new lead comes in or a case status changes in CASEpeer.

Zach Herbert, founder and CEO of Herbert Law Group, and founder of law firm business consulting company, ZDH Consulting, was one of CASEpeer’s first clients to test the integration. After using the integration, he says, “The great thing about Zapier is that it allows me to automate the busy work and save overhead for meaningful work. This integration with CASEpeer is opening my firm up to new and innovative ways of delivering top-notch service to my clients while saving time and money.” 

Through this integration, CASEpeer is looking forward to providing clients with more opportunities to automate business processes and over time streamline everyday workflows. Start utilizing the Zapier integration in CASEpeer to save time where you can and eliminate busy work.

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