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How CASEpeer Harnesses Your Data to Grow Your Firm

Modern advances in data analytics have allowed thousands of businesses to gain clarity into their future. Imagine the power of using your law firm’s historical data to… Read More >

Modern advances in data analytics have allowed thousands of businesses to gain clarity into their future. Imagine the power of using your law firm’s historical data to know where your practice will be a month, a year, or a decade from now. 

CASEpeer case management software for personal injury law firms is helping attorneys do just that. We’re developing features to allow firms to harness data in meaningful ways. Review your history and plan your future with easy-to-understand reports and standardized roadmaps.

Keep your workflow proactive

At CASEpeer, we have decades of combined experience in the legal industry. We’re confident we know the in’s and out’s of a personal injury case. Our experience has allowed us to develop powerful task management and productivity reports that help simplify your workload and allow you to produce more in less time.

With CASEpeer your personal injury law firm can identify its pain points and hone in on where you are falling short. No more tasks slipping through the cracks, no more clients left unheard.

With this valuable information, you can utilize our CASEplan feature to standardize your approach to your cases. CASEpeer will automatically assign tasks to your staff based on the progress of your case. Whether a seasoned case manager or a new hire, your employees will have an easy-to-follow roadmap so your firm can provide the high-quality services your clients deserve.

Analyze Your Lead Sources & Marketing Campaigns

Personal injury law firms love to use marketing to build their practice. But how sure are you that you’re getting the most out of your marketing dollars? With several marketing campaigns and referral streams, can you confidently say where your clients are coming from?

CASEpeer tracks the source of every lead and generates reports based on that data. These reports also track your lead conversion rates for every source, which will provide key insight into the marketing strategies that are working and those that aren’t. 

Stop wasting money on strategies that aren’t working, and know exactly where to reinvest your marketing dollars. With CASEpeer’s lead tracking tools, say goodbye to guesswork.

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Use historical third party data

CASEpeer not only tracks data on your clients, but on the various third parties your firm works with or against – insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, judges, and more.

Because of this, you can track important patterns such as previous clients against the same opposing counsel, or the ruling history of a judge you have previously argued before. With this information, you can make smarter decisions on how you approach your cases. Use your data to settle cases faster, while increasing their value.

Track settlements and expenses

Tracking your finances is important for any business. CASEpeer comes with extensive settlement tracking tools made specifically for personal injury attorneys to track their costs and the client trust in each case.

In addition to detailed insights per individual case, firm administrators can see a pipeline of demands, offers, and pending funds firm-wide. They can also get a snapshot of the firm’s projected monthly income, which can be filtered by each attorney to see who is succeeding and who might need assistance. 

With our settlements and expense reports, CASEpeer helps track your firm’s performance and identifies patterns you can use to grow your practice with less.


With CASEpeer, you can use your firm’s history to make data-driven decisions and grow to new heights. Book a demo now to see how our case management solution can help your firm chart a path for the future.

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