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How personal injury firms can leverage settlement management software

Read about how settlement management software can help improve your personal injury firm's productivity and profitability.

Most personal injury claims settle long before they are filed with the courts. The settlement process can be long and complex, leaving room for mistakes. Whether your firm is focused exclusively on pre-litigation, or works to settle its straightforward claims out of court, organization is critical.

How is your law firm keeping track of new demands and offers? Are your attorneys maximizing settlements for their clients?

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From tracking views to negotiation tools, CASEpeer helps personal injury law firms optimize the settlement process. CASEpeer is the comprehensive case management software for plaintiff’s attorneys. Our settlement management suite helps streamline workflows – both in a case and firm-wide.

Monitor Demands and Offers

With CASEpeer, your attorneys can track every offer and demand in real time. Differentiate between third party and uninsured motorist demands, track med pay requests, and pip payments. Log offers, counteroffers, and track accepted settlements until the check arrives.

Anyone who opens a file in CASEpeer can pick up the negotiation process where another attorney left off. No more guesswork or catch-up.

Track Lien Negotiations

Negotiating liens is an important part of closing out a personal injury claim. CASEpeer makes it easy to manage reductions effectively, putting more money in your clients’ pockets. Track all liens from beginning to end, helping your attorneys and staff stay focused. With tools like lien holder history, CASEpeer helps teams maximize their potential.

No Cost Left Behind

Can you say with certainty your firm is recouping all case expenses? With CASEpeer, personal injury law firms can track every cost from beginning to end. Ensure you are fully reimbursed from the client trust at the end of the case for expenses and soft costs.

Firm-wide Settlement Management Reporting

Administrators and supervising attorneys can track demands and offers firm-wide with CASEpeer’s reports and management screens. Make sure your team is following up on demands nearing expiration, and responding to offers in a timely manner. At a glance, CASEpeer helps personal injury law firms track settlement activity and project future earnings.

CASEpeer legal software is built with the growing personal injury law firm in mind. Our powerful settlement management tools help attorneys and staff do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Checkout CASEpeer for yourself. Request a demo today!

CASEpeer is a legal case management software designed for personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to helping law firms streamline their workflows from intake to settlement. Follow our blog for more news of CASEpeer features and practice management tips.

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