Is Your Law Firm Safe From Hacking?

All law firms are keepers of privileged information. From social security numbers to medical records, clients trust you with their private data. Attorneys are responsible for keeping… Read More >

All law firms are keepers of privileged information. From social security numbers to medical records, clients trust you with their private data. Attorneys are responsible for keeping this information safe. A breach can put a firm’s reputation and ability to practice law at risk.

The last decade has transformed the way law firms do business. From email, to file servers, file sharing, or the cloud, these advances help you better serve your clients. But without precautions, these advances may also be putting you at risk for hacking.

Many Law Firms Don’t Take Data Security Seriously

The legal sector is experiencing a cybersecurity crisis. Like medical providers, attorneys are prime targets for hackers. According to a recent study, over 25% of law firms experience data breaches annually, and that number is growing.

Cleaning up after a data breach is expensive, and community trust, built up over years, can be permanently damaged. Nevertheless, over half of law firms still don’t use data encryption. Are you one of them?

How to Avoid Being Hacked

In most cases, hackers use viruses and automated bots to look for weaknesses. If you adopt basic security practices, your chances of a data breach go down considerably. In some cases, this may mean investmenting into your current server infrastructure, but most firms can get by with less expensive changes. 

The Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA) recently published a set of security standards that all firms using the cloud should meet. Highlights of the standards include:

  • Certifications
  • Encryption
  • User and access control
  • Data breach and disaster recovery processes

As your firm grows, it’s important that your technology and security practices improve accordingly. You have spent time and money on making your business what it is today; taking necessary precautions to protect your clients is a part of that.

Start by consulting with an information technology expert in your area. Have them assess your risks, and make recommendations based on your firm’s specific needs.

Secure Case Management Software

Most law firms are making the move to online case management softwares. These programs are the most effective way to help your clients and run your practice. When choosing the solution right for you, security will be one of the main deciding factors.

Although most practice management softwares claim to be secure, some do it better than others. Look for a solution that makes protecting your data a priority.

CASEpeer’s Commitment to Security

At CASEpeer, we understand that clients entrust their information to law firms, and those law firms entrust it to us. We do not take this great responsibility lightly. Our security consultants have helped build the program from the ground up, ensuring we take every possible precaution with your data.

CASEpeer is an intuitive case management solution for personal injury law firms. From tracking a lead to the final check, our software will be with you every step of the way. Powerful reports, automated documents, and extensive management tools are helping attorneys nationwide grow their business.

CASEpeer is a legal case management software designed for personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to helping law firms grow. Follow our blog for more cybersecurity tips and other practice management advice.

For more information about CASEpeer and our features, click here.

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