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Manage Your Case Load With CASEpeer

Every law firm, big or small, has challenges when it comes to case management. Attorneys are often looking for better tools and technologies to manage their workloads.… Read More >

Every law firm, big or small, has challenges when it comes to case management. Attorneys are often looking for better tools and technologies to manage their workloads. CASEpeer is the answer for personal injury law firms looking for a comprehensive case management solution.

With organized cases, role specific dashboards, and extensive reports, CASEpeer provides the tools necessary to manage even the largest law firm.

Manage case load with CASEpeer

Gain Oversight Across All Your Cases

Many firms struggle with clients slipping through the cracks. This can happen easily, even with your existing protocols in place. Not every legal software is built with the personal injury attorney in mind. And if you’re still using Excel to manage your cases, chances are there is valuable information going to waste. CASEpeer provides insight into your cases, showing managers and staff the data that matters most, when it matters most.

Detailed overview and report screens mean you and your team can have peace of mind everything is working smoothly – or identify problems before they arise. Whether you’re tracking lien reductions, demands, or pending settlement offers, CASEpeer will provide the oversight you need.

Streamline Time Management

Some practice management solutions claim to save time and don’t deliver. CASEpeer is thoughtfully designed to be as easy to use as possible. From making it easier to find clients, to generating template documents, to shortcut keys for frequently used windows, CASEpeer saves your team time at every turn.

  • Case Search – Look cases up by client name, defendant name, date of loss, and many other fields
  • Notifications – Users are notified about important actions like new tasks, unread mail, or case assignments
  • Template Documents – Easy to create templates generate pre-populated word documents with a single click
  • Mail Center – Streamline your mail handling with our mail upload and mail review centers
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Access notes, tasks, and other windows instantly with our keyboard shortcuts

These are just some of the ways CASEpeer encourages better time management. Learn more about our features.

Empower Attorneys and Staff

When a law firm grows, it generally increases the number of clients before hiring new staff. CASEpeer is designed to ease heavy workloads across all departments of your practice. That means attorneys and staff can manage growing responsibilities effectively.

CASEpeer’s case reports help your employees prioritize clients, empowering them to be proactive instead of reactive.

Personal injury attorneys also benefit from a case management solution that guides employees through their workflow. This is especially helpful for training new hires, and gives your team the guidance they need to work independently. When an attorney or staff needs help from another team member, CASEpeer’s cloud based system encourages collaboration.

Your employees work hard. Provide them with the tools to maximize their potential.

Whether you are a solo attorney or a bustling practice, your law firm needs an integrated case management solution. Stop letting cases and time slip through the cracks. Contact us for a demo today to see if CASEpeer is the right fit for your firm.

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