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Productivity is important in every industry. Inspiring a team is one of the greatest challenges law firms face. With a productive staff, you can take on more clients, handle their… Read More >

Productivity is important in every industry. Inspiring a team is one of the greatest challenges law firms face. With a productive staff, you can take on more clients, handle their cases effectively, and grow your business.

Often the difference between a successful firm and a mediocre one is the productivity of its attorneys and other employees. But what can you do to motivate people in your office to work more efficiently?

Listen to Your Team

Many leaders claim to have an “open door policy”, but rarely go beyond that. Create opportunities to talk to your staff individually and encourage them to share their feedback. Getting to know more about what drives your team will make it easier to motivate them. 

When you receive feedback from employees, implement the best suggestions. Employees will appreciate being part of enacting positive change. Practices like this help build trust, making your team happier to work for you.

Ensure Employees Have Uninterrupted Time Every Day

When asked what their most productive times are, most lawyers will say late nights or weekends. Why? They are not distracted by ringing phones or other staff members and can devote full attention to their work. Stress the importance of at least an hour of daily uninterrupted time for focus-heavy projects and watch employee productivity soar.

Provide Healthy Snacks

Energy is essential to a productive workday. If your employees are snacking on chips or candy all day, they will lose energy by the early afternoon. Try stocking your office with foods like dried fruits, nuts, even dark chocolate. These help boost levels of minerals like magnesium, which help convert sugar into energy and stave off the midday crash.

Take Steps to Create a Community

Employees work harder for people they like. For leaders, taking a few minutes each day to talk to your team as a group or one-on-one is important. It shows that you’re genuinely interested in their well-being and success in the company. Fostering a sense of community can increase loyalty to your firm, giving employees a sense of purpose in their work.

Invest in Case Management Software

A comprehensive practice management software consolidates everything related to your law firm’s work flow in one place. Not all case management softwares are created equal. Choose a program that will meet most of your law firm’s needs: tracking leads, organized cases, adjuster history, medical providers, documents, and more. Your team will be more collaborative and efficient.

Selecting or upgrading your case management software means more time to focus on what really matters – your clients.

CASEpeer is a comprehensive practice management software for personal injury attorneys. From intake tracking to reconciling the client trust, we help attorneys and staff lead more productive days. Click here to learn more about our features.

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