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Personal Injury Case Management Software Checklist | 2021

If you’re shopping for a new case management software, you know there are a lot of options out there. Personal injury law firms have many different needs...

If you’re shopping for a new case management software, you know there are a lot of options out there. 

Personal injury law firms have many different needs, from lead tracking to client trust management. 

Although each cloud-based legal software has its own strengths, many will fall short when it comes to the unique needs of personal injury attorneys.

That’s what sets CASEpeer apart. Top to bottom, CASEpeer legal software was developed specifically for personal injury law.

Let’s cover everything your personal injury firm needs in case management software. 

What to look for in your personal injury case management software

From intake to settlement and everything in-between, CASEpeer is comprehensive – with all the features plaintiff law firms need to grow.

Below are six ways to improve your client outcomes, better manage cases and support your firm’s growth with a personal injury case management system. 

1. Case File Organization

Your legal case management software should organize its virtual cases like you’ve organized your physical files. 

We know how important it is for attorneys and staff to review a case quickly and efficiently. Within CASEpeer, your cases are divided into tabs and ordered logically. Every case has a cover page with summary information, including key photos, contact information, and incident details. 

personal injury case management checklist for PI attorneys

Our portal design makes identifying information fast and simple, allowing you and your team to better serve clients with intuitive processes. 

2. Manage Multiple Clients and Defendants

Every case is different. Some accidents have one plaintiff and one defendant, and others involve multiple plaintiffs and multiple defendants.

The best personal injury case management platform should be able to handle even the most complex car accident claims.

best personal injury software for intake- checklist for pi software

With CASEpeer, law firms can link clients involved in the same accident to share notes, defendants, or incident information. Your firm can also track each individual client’s medical treatments, lost wages, and other information within CASEpeer. 

By tracking multiple defendants across cases and incidents, CASEpeer gives you the best tools to effectively manage statutes on time and effectively.  

3. Streamline Your Clients’ Medical Treatment

Tracking medical treatment is one of the most important features of a personal injury case. From injury checklists to health liens, attorneys and paralegals must effectively manage their clients’ treatment with full visibility.

Your firm can easily update the status of records and billing requests, generate provider letters, and upload the documents to the file. In addition, each client’s treatment status is also pushed to report and management screens, so no case is left behind.

CASEpeer’s negotiation tools will help your team with lien reductions when treatment is complete, and the case is settled.

4. Track Insurance Companies & Adjusters

Every personal injury case can involve any number of insurance policies. Use CASEpeer to add as many insurance records as you need for the plaintiff or defendant. We help your team track everything from coverage status to policy limits to liability status.

personal injury case management checklist for paralegals

CASEpeer also keeps track of every adjuster your law firm has worked with through our contact management database. With our CRM, you can leverage your contact history to negotiate more effectively and drive better case outcomes for your clients. 

5. Stay on Top of Demands and Offers

When it comes to tracking demands and offers, CASEpeer’s suite of settlement tools empowers attorneys and administrators to work their cases to perfection. Our timelines and calendar provide transparency into important dates so that you can prevent overlooked negotiation deadlines. 

View detailed negotiations on a specific case, or track demands and offers pending firm-wide.

6. Manage Litigation Events and Deadlines

Are deadlines keeping you awake at night? 

CASEpeer helps trial attorneys track statutes, litigation events, and pending discovery requests firm-wide. CASEpeer also helps your practice track expert witnesses, judges, clerks, and more.

Personal injury law firms have unique needs. Although many legal software options can check certain boxes, you still face the challenge of tracking data on when treatment is complete, when the case is settled, and individual injury claims.

To learn more about your personal injury firm’s case management software, we encourage you to read about the benefits of legal practice management software or get in touch. 

Grow your firm with the leading personal injury case management software

CASEpeer practice management software was intentionally designed to meet these challenges. Find out how you can help your personal injury firm reach its full potential and book a demo with our team today. 

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