Sam & Ash Law Turns to CASEpeer for Personal Injury Practice Management

Find out how Sam & Ash Law rely on CASEpeer to run smooth, successful personal injury operations...

“CASEpeer is something that you can't afford not to have.”

That’s what Ash Watkins, co-founder of Sam & Ash and one of the American Academy of Attorneys’ Top 40 under 40, believes about CASEpeer’s legal practice management solution.

Founded in 2019, Personal Injury firm Sam & Ash have grown their firm to two offices in Nevada and California with the help of CASEpeer. 

Personal injury’s operating blueprint

Without the right processes and tools in place, trying to balance task management, caseloads, deadlines, and client intake pose significant challenges.

“At our past law firm, cohesion was difficult even under the same roof. We had to figure out how we would collaborate between two offices across state lines, and I think COVID-19 actually made everyone more open to that. We rely on tools like Zoom and CASEpeer to help us work together like we’re all in the same office.”

But aside from cross-country communications, Sam & Ash rely on CASEpeer for everything their PI firm needs--from litigation tracking and task management to revenue forecasting and lead tracking. 

“I don't know a life without CASEpeer. I used CASEpeer at my prior firm, so when I left there, it was a natural fit,” Ash recalled. 

Ash can use the platform for all of her firm’s operational needs. Now, she can make data-backed decisions, from handling pertinent cases and contact information to identifying what marketing investments drive the most leads.

“If you're looking at a client's CASEpeer profile, you can easily view key identifying factors like their name, date of birth, phone number, what languages they speak, the type of accident, and how they found your firm.”

On top of easy access to client information, CASEpeer’s settlement tools prevent significant out-of-pocket costs from closing out cases before paying the relevant medical providers.

“The Settlements Tab is by far the greatest feature--it’s our one-stop shop to know what's going on across cases and how to close them out effectively. That way, we can make sure that every medical provider involved in settlement negotiations has a negotiated and agreed-upon bill.”

Ensuring long-term business health 

On top of the tools and information needed to manage their ever-growing caseload, Sam & Ash rely on task manager, reporting, and more to guide their business strategy. 

“From a business standpoint, the most critical parts of the software are the Management and Reports tabs. I can look at all of our teams and see what fees have been brought in that month, how much money is pending, and view current and projected revenue for each month to make better business decisions.

“As someone that needs to make business decisions months out, that's critical. If there's money hung up for some reason, you can see what steps need to be taken to expedite that,” said Ash. 

User-friendly, turnkey case management designed for Personal Injury

Most case management platforms require you to hire implementation consultants who demand significant time and resources to customize the right solution. 

On top of that, the same solutions that claim to be “built for you” end up lengthening onboarding and implementation due to the customizations they claim your firm needs. 

CASEpeer’s legal practice management solution was designed to empower every level of a PI firm’s team with intuitive navigation, transparency, and built-in communication tools. 

“The other legal case management solutions just weren’t visually attractive or intuitive. Out of the box, CASEpeer is like an iPhone. You just pick it up, and you can figure it out without any instructions. With a lot of the other products, you had to create your own developments and add-ons to get what you needed.”

Onboarding new employees at any law firm poses significant challenges, especially when it comes down to training staff on how to work and use the technology.  

“With CASEpeer, you can truly just let an employee look around and figure it out. It’s not only efficient in managing files, but it’s also a good training tool for how we manage cases. Our new employees can better visualize their role, objectives, how they factor into a case, and what a case entails. They see the tabs of a police report. They see medical records. They see litigation. It intuitively trains them on our processes,” Ash explained. 

Industry-leading support and long-lasting relationships

With an unmatched customer support team, extensive online help center, and support chat built into CASEpeer, Ash and her firm have a case management software that caters to their needs. 

“I don’t suggest practicing plaintiff's personal injury law without CASEpeer. I've seen some other attempts at case management software in the field, and I think it’s the most user-friendly and intuitive solution out there,” said Ash. 

In addition to ongoing support and development, Sam & Ash have a true operating partner within CASEpeer. 

“I like the responsiveness of the CASEpeer team in developing features that we need. We have an open line of communication and they tell me how to use the platform and what not to do. We have a great rapport in that sense, and they make sure we’re utilizing the product fully, from HelloSign to QuickBooks. 

“I truly love the product. I love Gabriela, the CEO, and Brian, the CTO. Their goals are the same as any reasonable personal injury business owner. 

“They want the product to be as efficient and effective as possible and they'll do everything they can to make that happen,” Ash said. 

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