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Staying in Touch With Tech Savvy Clients

Communication is the key to building strong, trusting relationships with your clients. As an attorney, it’s your job to ensure your client is always informed about the… Read More >

Communication is the key to building strong, trusting relationships with your clients. As an attorney, it’s your job to ensure your client is always informed about the most recent updates on their case. Failure to do so could tarnish your relationship, or even violate the ABA Rules of Professional Responsibility. 

The way today’s law firms communicate with clients is changing. Gone are the days of contact exclusively by mail and in person. Many attorneys don’t even meet a client in person throughout the duration of doing business together. Although most people have embraced emails and texting, law firms are slow to adopt these “new” methods of communication.

Is your practice still relying on outdated techniques to stay in touch? Follow these tips to take your client services to the next level.

Embrace Email

Just like you, your clients are checking their email on a regular basis. For most busy people, it’s more convenient than a phone call. If you find yourself playing phone tag with a client, send an email instead. Keep in mind never to use email to transmit sensitive information like a client’s social security number. Even the most secure email servers could be compromised, jeopardizing your firm’s security.

Can I Text My Clients?

Just like you, your clients live in the modern age–and texting is a very convenient method of communicating. Many attorneys are starting to use text messaging for sending reminders or asking simple questions. Of course, use your best judgement and gauge your client’s level of comfort when choosing this method of communication.

Online Access to Case Updates

Many law firms are now providing their clients with an online portal to view important information related to their case. Whether you use Dropbox or a case management software portal, it can be a great way to keep in touch with your more tech savvy clients. Some things you should consider when choosing an option for online access are:

  • Document Upload: You should be able to quickly and easily upload case-related documents to your online portal, and clients should be able to review it and upload it back to you.
  • Document Sharing: Both you and your client should be able to see relevant paperwork through the online portal.
  • Case Status: This keeps your client up to date on everything that is happening in his or her case.
  • Case Summary: This gives you a reminder of what each client’s case is about, and gives your client an understanding of their case from your point of view.

Giving your client access or basic information about their case can give them peace of mind that your team is working hard.

Keep Client Contact Information Accurate

During an intake call, it’s imperative that your team records all the necessary contact information from each client. This includes spouse information and emergency contacts. You will be grateful to have this in the event that you cannot reach your client.

Case management software can be a powerful modern tool for organizing your data. From client index information to a preferred mailing address, access these details with ease when you need them most. The best practice management programs will allow you and your staff to look up contacts on the go.

CASEpeer is a legal case management software designed for personal injury attorneys. With CASEpeer’s client contact tracking, no case will ever be overlooked. We keep your client’s information organized, secure, and accessible, so you can focus on what you do best: running your practice.

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