The Oscar Garza Team's Blueprint for Success

Learn how Oscar Garza Law utilizes CASEpeer’s turnkey practice management software to run an efficient, optimized practice.

Oscar, founder and Attorney at the Law firm of Oscar A. Garza, has been practicing personal injury law in Texas for nearly 20 years.

When Oscar started his practice in 2007, he was a one-man shop. As he began to acquire more and more cases, he expanded his practice to three different offices across Texas.

After struggling to use different legacy practice management systems, Oscar turned to CASEpeer to bring transparency, accountability, and efficiency to his firm’s operations.

From chaos to clarity: Tackling complex cases with CASEpeer

Oscar and his team initially focused on personal injury auto accidents and later expanded also into mass tort litigation.

“I needed an easy-to-use, cloud-based case management system to help me grow the mass torts side of my practice, handle deadlines, and understand how many cases we have. I just feel more comfortable doing a mass tort case because the platform tracks everything."

CASEpeer’s legal practice management solution is tailored to personal injury attorneys’ unique needs, giving Oscar and his team the tools, workflows, and visibility required to deliver positive outcomes and maintain operational efficiency.

“My old office went through three or four different systems. And every time they tried a new system, we’d experience growing pains and learning curves,” Oscar said.

Before moving to CASEpeer, Oscar and his team worked within siloed, disjointed tools that made transparency nearly impossible.

“We kept track of everything in Word documents, but I realized that it wasn’t sustainable with the number of clients we had. That's what I like about CASEpeer -- there’s a way to analyze how things are working, who is completing tasks and when, and how to improve overall accountability.

“CASEpeer helps us manage the three offices and monitor the output of our employees. It's geared towards personal Injury, and that helps us stay on top of our deadlines,” Oscar said.

Maintaining high-quality care and services

One of the challenges Oscar faced was viewing the high-level and micro-operations at his firm. He didn’t know how many active cases he had, when tasks were completed, and who was completing them. For the first time, Oscar and his management team could see the firm’s case distribution clearly, and manage all the pending deadlines.

“With CASEpeer, I always know how many active cases we have directly from the homepage. Now, we can confidently handle more cases, keep those cases moving, and make sure everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

Aside from transparency and accountability, CASEpeer’s automation tools and built-in notifications make it easy to stay on top of tasks, statutes, and litigation deadlines.

“I check the statute of limitations in CASEpeer every three months to make sure that we file the cases that are coming up on their statutes. That was something that kept me awake at night, and CASEpeer gives us peace of mind.”

On top of sleeping easier at night, Oscar and his firm rely on CASEpeer to get them up to speed after much-deserved time off.

“It’s easy to stay productive because the platform puts you right where you left off, and that’s a huge benefit of CASEpeer,” he explained.

CASEpeer maximizes your advertising dollars

In addition to managing cases, Oscar turns to CASEpeer’s business and reporting functions to help him analyze and optimize their operations.

“We run reports on different aspects of the firm, and that’s helped us focus on what's working and what's not working, across both case and practice management."

CASEpeer’s turnkey lead tracking help Oscar understand where new cases are coming from, understand what investments are driving a positive ROI, and optimize his marketing spend.

“CASEpeer has cut out the guesswork. We now have a good idea of how things are working on the advertisement side. Then we can sit down with our advertisers and invest more or less.

Intuitive software with industry-leading support

CASEpeer is easy to use and adopt, with a clean interface, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive case files.

“It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require too much inside knowledge--I like the simplicity and consistency of CASEpeer. Once everything is set up, you can just let the system work.”

And when challenges arise, Oscar’s team can rely on CASEpeer’s highly rated customer success team for the support and resources they need. The company provides free training and support to new and ongoing customers. CASEpeer wants every personal injury firm to succeed, grow, and win on behalf of its clients.

CASEpeer wants every personal injury firm to succeed, grow, and win on behalf of their clients--just like Oscar Garza Law. To see how CASEpeer can help you be even greater for your clients and build a thriving practice, schedule your free demo today.




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