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Top 5 Reasons Why Law Firms Love CASEpeer

Personal injury lawyers need to be in constant communication with clients, be mindful of varying statute dates, and stay organized. 

Personal injury lawyers need to be in constant communication with clients, be mindful of varying statute dates, and stay organized. 

At CASEpeer, we understand the needs of personal injury law firms and how they operate. Our cloud-based software solution is designed to support personal injury law firms every step of the way and optimize their everyday processes. Here are five reasons why law firms love using CASEpeer. Let us help drive better results for you, and your clients.

Paving the Way for Personal Injury Law

CASEpeer is the most comprehensive legal practice management solution designed specifically for personal injury law firms. From the ground up, our tools are built to easily manage even the most complex personal injury claims with ease. 

Since CASEpeer is customized specifically for personal injury law firms, it is ready to use out-of-the-box, on day one. 

Superior Client Communication

With various methods for communication in today's digitally-driven world, personal injury law firms need several ways to communicate with their clients. Whether you communicate by email, phone, text, or client portal, CASEpeer makes it easy to keep in touch with clients. All communication is saved, so it can be referenced by anyone working on the case.

CASEpeer also makes it easy to sort cases by the last client communication date, so you can ensure your law firm’s exact standards are being met.

Never worry about a client getting a hold of your personal cell phone number with in-app text messaging that allows you to send and receive texts from clients directly through CASEpeer.

Statutes of Limitations and Deadline Tracking

Statutes of limitations and deadlines are what keep personal injury attorneys up at night. CASEpeer's litigations tools reduce calendaring errors and the likelihood of missed deadlines.

  • Statute notifications automatically send alerts to attorneys and staff when statutes are closing in, all the way down to daily alerts during the last week.
  • User, case, and firm-wide calendars make sure everyone is always on the same page.
  • CalendarRules integration automatically calculates related dates based on specific trigger events, according to the case jurisdiction.
  • Litigation Event Plans let you create tasks or events based on a specific trigger date to automatically appear on the assigned worker's calendar.

Take it a step further and analyze work productivity with case timelines. In CASEpeer, your team’s activity and communication are tracked throughout the lifecycle of a case. CASEpeer's timeline feature aggregates all communication on a specific case to make sure no information slips through the cracks and case value is maximized at every touchpoint. 

Document and Task Automation

Is your staff still manually typing up letters of rep, client welcome letters, and proofs of service?

CASEpeer empowers law firms to create their own templates for letters, forms, envelopes, and more. Information you’ve already entered on a case in CASEpeer will automatically populate in your firm’s custom templates, saving your staff time.

The automation possibilities don't stop at documents. CASEpeer also integrates with Zapier, a software that passes information between your favorite linked apps with workflows called zaps, and build processes faster to get more done - no code required. With this integration, you can track marketing leads, connect messaging apps, trigger automatic email or Slack notifications, and automate activity between your firm's task management tools when communicating with different teams. 

Through CASEpeer's automation functionalities, personal injury law firms are able to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Easy-to-Use Legal Software

Software that is easy to integrate into your current workflow makes all the difference. 

Because CASEpeer is designed for personal injury, it follows the logical progression of PI cases, from intake to the resolution of the client trust. Easy to use software means less time spent learning how to use the program, and more time doing your job.

We are constantly improving our software to exceed the needs of our clients and help personal injury firms maximize results. 

Highly Rated Customer Support

Implementing a new case management software is a transition for any law firm. CASEpeer is user-friendly and includes extensive customer support services. With CASEpeer's support, you can:

  • Ensure easy adoption with unlimited free training and a dedicated customer support team
  • Apply built-in best practices from the nation’s leading personal injury law firms
  • Ask questions within CASEpeer through built-in support chat
  • Access extensive help articles, videos, and tutorials for on-demand training
Clients can also consult the comprehensive online help center or sign-up for one of our weekly training webinars. All CASEpeer training and support is free of charge.
Ready to see CASEpeer for yourself? Speak with an expert to learn more.





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