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Frequently asked questions:

What is CASEpeer?

CASEpeer is the leading cloud-based case management solution built for personal injury plaintiffs’ attorneys and firms. The turnkey solution is backed by our industry-leading customer support team, who will empower your firm to quickly and easily onboard and hit the ground running.

Can I measure my team’s performance with CASEpeer?

With CASEpeer, you can automatically track performance by harnessing your firm’s data with reports designed for personal injury operations. Use reports to analyze and optimize your business’s KPIs, from intake conversion rates to fee distribution and beyond.

Does CASEpeer’s Calendar sync with Outlook or Google Calendar?

Yes, as the backbone of your operations, CASEpeer integrates with your favorite calendaring tools to allow your firm to optimize workflows and plan for the future. Integrating your calendar with CASEpeer is easy and seamless, done in just a few clicks.

What does CASEpeer customer support look like?

CASEpeer’s industry-leading customer support team is always here for you, so you can feel confident from implementation and beyond. Unleash your firm's potential with unlimited support from our client success team, free onboarding and training, and an online help center with access to all the resources you need just a click away. No question should go unanswered–and with our step-by-step training guides, your team can confidently use CASEpeer within hours of onboarding.

How does CASEpeer help with client intake?

With CASEpeer’s client portals, you can streamline your client intake and gather critical information from the very first call with integrated text and email messaging. Easily share status updates and files, monitor last communication dates, and flag priority cases to ensure every client feels special.

Can I integrate CASEpeer with tools I already know and love?

Yes, with CASEpeer, you can connect all of your firm’s operations in one convenient place. You can sync CASEpeer with your favorite calendar, leverage document cloud management, use your favorite lead magnets to optimize workflows, and unify your personal injury firm’s financial functions. Go here to learn more about our integration partners.


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