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Introducing CASEpeer IQ

Transform how your law firm operates with artificial intelligence thoughtfully designed for personal injury legal professionals. Infuse automation, efficiency, and insights seamlessly into your daily workflows with CASEpeer IQ to supercharge your productivity.

84 %

Happier Clients

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Better Marketing

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More Productive

AI built to drive outstanding outcomes for your clients, and for your firm.

Maximize every minute, reduce costs, and surface data insights with CASEpeer IQ, responsible GenAI embedded throughout your case management software, empowering your personal injury firm to work faster and smarter.



Intelligent document summary
(coming soon)

Streamline document reviews with quickly generated summaries. Ask CASEpeer IQ to summarize your file and receive a detailed AI-generated synopsis. Incremental time savings add up to give you back hours of your day to focus on what matters most – making your clients whole. 

Intelligent text editing 
(coming soon)

Elevate your internal and external written communications with AI-generated enhancements. AI-powered text editing offers options for changing the style, modifying the tone, or summarizing and organizing notes. Your team can invest time saved into more high-value tasks.



At CASEpeer, we are committed to responsible innovation.

Leverage our thoughtfully developed generative AI solutions to unlock enhanced efficiencies and insights. CASEpeer IQ works for you—empowering you to serve your clients and scale your business with confidence.v


Supercharge your personal injury firm