Introducing CASEpeer Smart Spend

The first spend management solution for personal injury law firms. Effortlessly pay, track, and manage firm and client expenses using a credit card that integrates seamlessly with CASEpeer.

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Take Charge of Your Firm’s Expenses with Spend Management for Personal Injury Law Firms

CASEpeer Smart Spend is the first spend management solution for the personal injury law firms. Firms can pay and manage both firm and reimbursable expenses—seamlessly in CASEpeer.

Link expenses to client cases on the go

Never miss billing for another reimbursable expense again—imagine no more lost revenue due to untracked and unbilled client expenses

  • Protect profit margins by accurately tracking all client case expenses
  • Simplify receipt handling for common case expenses such as postage, filing fees, court costs, etc
  • Streamline cost recovery by automatically adding reimbursable expenses to your cases





Have full visibility into firm spending

Eliminate end-of-month surprises; get real-time insights into firm expenses whenever you want them

  • Leverage real-time legal spend analytics and reporting
  • Identify opportunities to save with insights
  • Simplify oversight with a comprehensive spend dashboard

Assign virtual or physical cards to staff

Replace error-prone and time-consuming manual processes with an integrated solution

  • Assign dedicated cards for purchase categories
  • Streamline accounting and bookkeeping
  • Stay in the platform where you work every day




Set spending controls for each card

Reduce risk by controlling spend before it happens — for financial peace of mind

  • Take charge of your firm’s expenses
  • Manage monthly budgets with pre-approved spend categories
  • Contain firm spend by setting spend limits for cards, categories, or staff

Access purchasing power when you need it most

  • Supplement cash flow by using credit in months with unpredictability
  • Have confidence in spending without waiting for outstanding payables
  • Know exactly what’s been spent with real-time views of firm expenses



Legal Spend Management Software FAQ

What is spend management?

Spend management encompasses the comprehensive oversight of a company's financial activities and procurement processes. This includes everything from pre-approving expenses and implementing process controls, to reimbursing costs incurred. 

Spend management offers a broad perspective on a company's financial health by examining expenditures before and after they occur, in contrast to expense management, which primarily deals with the reimbursement of expenses after a purchase has been completed.

Why should my law firm use legal spend management software?

With CASEpeer Smart Spend, you can pay for and control what your firm spends with a credit card, and enjoy peace of mind that all expenses are accurately tracked.

With CASEpeer Smart Spend, you can pay for and control what your firm spends with a credit card, and enjoy peace of mind that all expenses are accurately tracked.

How do law firms benefit from a legal spend management solution

Gain Visibility Into All Firm Spending

Achieve complete oversight of your firm's financial status with detailed legal spend analytics and monitor monthly expenditures in real-time.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Eliminate the risk of losing income due to untracked client expenses. Monitor all staff purchases to ensure client-related expenses are accurately recorded and reimbursed.

Keep All Your Work in One Place

Directly add and manage expenses within CASEpeer without the need to juggle multiple software applications or manual spreadsheets.

Streamline Your Bookkeeping

Leverage CASEpeer’s legal spend management software to categorize and monitor all firm expenses instantly, significantly reducing the time spent reviewing and sorting credit card statements for month-end closings or tax preparation.

Access Funds When Cash Flow is Tight

Maintain operational continuity during periods of unpredictable cash flow. Confidently make necessary purchases without waiting for outstanding invoices to be settled or funds to be deposited.

How do I sign up for CASEpeer Smart Spend?

CASEpeer customers can join the Beta waitlist. We will keep you up-to-date on our progress and give you first access to the product when it launches.


Words from our clients

Find out why CASEpeer is the leading practice management solution for personal injury firms.

The other legal case management solutions just weren’t visually attractive or intuitive. Out of the box, CASEpeer is like an iPhone. You just pick it up, and you can figure it out without any instructions. With a lot of the other products, you had to create your own developments and add-ons to get what you needed.

It is difficult to compliment the software without complimenting the company. I have never experienced better customer service and client attentiveness.

CASEpeer is the best product I could find after looking into almost every cloud-based case management software. The program allows for easy case management from beginning to end.”

It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require too much inside knowledge; I like the simplicity and consistency of CASEpeer. I would definitely recommend it, and it's helped us grow.


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