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A Conversation With Jamie Kohls

CASEpeer CEO, Gabriela Cubeiro, sat down with Jamie Kohls of GNGF to discuss all things legal marketing.

In our recent edition of CASEpeer's 'A Conversation With' series, we welcomed Jamie Kohls of GNGF. CASEpeer CEO and Co-founder, Gabriela Cubeiro, sits down with Jamie to discuss all things legal marketing.

Jamie covers everything from her Legal Marketing Academy to her advice for attorneys who are getting started with marketing, goal setting as it relates to legal marketing, and much more!

When asked the questions she hears most often when firms are getting started with marketing, Jamie notes the importance of specifying your goals first, since marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Jamie and her team at the Legal Marketing Academy work with firms to evaluate their goals on an individual basis and then help them to develop their own path with their coursework. GNGF empowers law firms to expand their legal marketing, grow their client base, and invest in case management software to track their marketing performance. 

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Jamie discusses how there's no secret sauce when it comes to digital marketing. Rather, their team really focuses on instilling the confidence in every firm that they can do it on their own, regardless of whether they decide to outsource or not. 

Attorneys are taught the business of law, not how to become marketing experts, which Jamie claims to be the biggest hurdle law firms face when diving into legal marketing. The most important thing for firms to focus on is that mindset shift.

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Focusing on how you are getting your firm's name out there is where every firm should direct its focus. Put yourself in the position of the potential client. What kinds of questions are they asking you when they come in for an initial consult? What are they asking their friends who hired attorneys? Understanding what your clients are looking for will help you to determine how and where they are looking. 

When it comes to social media marketing, there's a world of opportunity, which can make it tempting for firms to jump on every single platform as soon as possible. However, Jamie recommends taking a slightly different approach. She recommends claiming your name on all platforms, but to focus on one platform when you're starting out so you can master your presence in one area rather than spreading yourself too thin. 

Jamie states how posting consistently and producing valuable content on one platform will benefit your brand significantly more than irregularly posting mediocre content across multiple platforms. After all, your social media reflects who you are as a business. 

For law firms that are eager to kickstart their marketing strategy or improve their current practices, you can download GNGF's FREE 90-day content plan and workbook here. Their plan is designed to utilize the things that firms do every single day and help them to develop content to use in a variety of ways so that they can start delivering content with as minimal effort as possible. 

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About Jamie Kohls

Jamie Kohls applies her degrees in both Law and Marketing daily in her community manager role with GNGF. Her dedication to education and the ethical practice of law makes for the perfect blend of knowledge, teaching ability, and legal acumen. Her passion for education is constantly on display as a trainer with The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF.

Jamie’s well-rounded knowledge of the legal profession comes from her time working in the offices of law firms large and small. Now as a community manager Jamie acts as an essential bridge between marketing and the law practices GNGF works with.

She is passionate about teaching law firm owners that it takes more than being a good attorney to run a successful firm. Jamie enjoys speaking with attorneys to help them to realize the potential of their firm’s customer base and revenue.


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