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Apps Loved By Law Firm Employees

Law firms with an eye on the future hire attorneys and staff ahead of the technological curve. These employees are likely to choose innovative ways to get the… Read More >

Law firms with an eye on the future hire attorneys and staff ahead of the technological curve. These employees are likely to choose innovative ways to get the job done. It’s not uncommon for law firm employees to look to outside applications for help. This practice usually takes place organically, without the approval of higher-ups.

It seems like a good solution, but what happens when an employee needs to review another’s work? Or when an employee leaves the firm? The use of external applications makes it difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

Although well-intentioned, your employees could unknowingly be slowing down the team as a whole. Evaluating their productivity tools of choice and settling on a firm-wide solution can increase growth and improve collaboration.

Productivity Tools Employees Look For

Most people use apps so often in everyday life they don’t think twice about adapting them for work responsibilities. Your best employees want to succeed and will find quick solutions to increase productivity.

  • Note Taking: Chances are, all of your employees have a stash of notes somewhere – important phone numbers, basic guidelines, or a list of urgent cases. Commonly used apps are Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, and Apple Notes.
  • Reminders: The greater the workload, the greater the chance that something gets overlooked. Your dedicated staff finds ways to set reminders for calling clients, following up with medical providers, or reviewing files. They are likely using the same tool they use for remembering milk at the grocery store. Popular reminder apps are Apple Reminders, Wunderlist, and Google Keep.

While these apps improve productivity at the micro level, it can slow down the overall progress of your firm. Your business grows when there is an emphasis on collaboration and efficiency.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Case management software delivers all of these solutions and more. It gives employees the tools they need to be productive in a more collaborative space. Stop losing momentum with individualized fixes. Here’s how a practice management solution like CASEpeer can help your firm:

  • Supercharged Notetaking: Our case management program allows you to save notes straight to a case. Anyone with access to the file can see the full notes history. We also know what cases and matters your employees want at their fingertips. From identifying high value claims to pending statutes, CASEpeer will help you see what matters most.
  • Firm-Wide Task Management: Don’t let anything get overlooked. With CASEpeer, everyone from manager to intake worker can assign tasks to themselves or someone else. By attaching due dates and priority levels to tasks, everyone has more control over workflow.
  • Security: Although well-meaning, your employees’ use of external applications could be risking your clients’ security. When they go home, they take sensitive data with them. We at CASEpeer know that your firm has put effort into security measures. Don’t let staff compromise them.

Talk with your employees about what apps they use and why. This will help you identify pain points firm wide. If you are not using a practice management software, evaluate which one will satisfy all of your firm’s needs. If you do have a solution in place, what are the weaknesses driving employees to outside applications? It may be necessary to make a change. Fully embracing today’s technology will propel your firm to new heights.

CASEpeer is a legal case management software designed for personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to protecting law firms’ reputations. Follow our blog for more practice management tips, legal marketing advice, and more.

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