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Why Law Firms Love CASEpeer (With Real CASEpeer Reviews)

Read reviews from CASEpeer users and see why it’s the #1 case management software for personal injury attorneys.

The greatest personal injury law firms are deeply focused on the needs of their clients. They build trust by leveraging their expertise, consistent client communication, setting realistic expectations, and delivering the best possible outcomes.

Empower your attorneys and staff to deliver the best possible client experience and results, with CASEpeer, legal software designed for greatness.

Learn more about CASEpeer below, including quotes from real users. Determine if CASEpeer is right for your own firm's success.

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What is CASEpeer?

CASEpeer is an award-winning personal injury case management solution, designed to to drive better outcomes for your clients, and your business. Streamline your firm’s business operations and increase productivity with turnkey legal practice management tools designed exclusively for personal injury law firms.

Cases stay organized and on track with CASEpeer's status based workflows and medical treatment tracking. Teams stay focused with the built-in task manager that uses reminders and priority rankings to get the most important work done first. Lawyers stay ahead of the game with legal calendaring and litigation tools.

CASEpeer also centralizes client communications, from intake to settlement. A secure communications portal enables confidential messaging without using lawyers' personal cell phone numbers. All client-related conversations and emails can be documented to the case for easy reference later.

The application also supports better practice management and decision making with a turnkey reporting module that centralizes key performance data.

Top Benefits of CASEpeer Based on Reviews

CASEpeer reviews written by attorneys and staff cite the platforms key benefits including:

  • Better client communication
  • More efficient deadline tracking
  • Time savings from document and task automation
  • Ease of implementation and use
  • Responsive customer support

Read more about each of these benefits below—with insights directly from CASEpeer customers.

Superior Client Communication

Clients today prefer to communicate via text or email. Unfortunately, both channels can be problematic for law firms. Texting your clients exposes personal cell phone numbers, and email messages are easy to lose in threaded conversations.

CASEpeer solves these issues with integrated in-app text messaging, plus the ability to connect emails to the related case. Phone calls can also be logged manually. That means teams can document complete histories of client-lawyer communications, right in the case file.

Periodic check-ins are essential for building client trust. CASEpeer sorts cases by the last client communication date. This ensures all clients receive regular contact from their lawyer —even when there's nothing new to report.

"Clients love that they can text photos and information to us and it gets seamlessly integrated into their case file."
- Melissa E.

Statutes of Limitations and Deadline Tracking

CASEpeer keeps statutes of limitations and other deadlines front and center with a suite of litigation tools. These features reduce calendaring errors and the likelihood of missed deadlines:

  1. Statute notifications automatically send alerts to attorneys and staff when statutes are closing in.
  2. User, case, and firm-wide calendars keep the team informed of case milestones and deadlines.
  3. Legal calendaring integration automatically calculates related dates based on specific trigger events, according to the case jurisdiction.
  4. Litigation Event Plans lets you create tasks or events based on a specific trigger date to automatically appear on the assigned worker's calendar.

CASEpeer also tracks team activity and communication by case, from intake to settlement. The activity data forms a detailed case timeline that's easily available for review. Case timeline reviews can reveal process issues and improvement opportunities. They also ensure that everyone on your team is delivering on your firm's high standards for client service.

"I manage about 70 cases and it helps me stay organized and manage deadlines in my cases."
- Jessica B.

Document and Task Automation

CASEpeer incorporates several ways to automate tasks to save time and minimize human error. Manual production of client welcome letters and proofs of service become a thing of the past. Instead, you will create proofed, reusable templates that can be quickly populated with saved client data.

Task automation keeps cases running smoothly and streamlines case and team management. This feature works with predefined to-dos and triggers. Triggers can be based on dates or case status. When the trigger requirement is met, the task is automatically created, assigned, and tracked.

Your team will run smoothly and efficiently as a result. Clients see that easy flow and feel confident they're being taken care of.

CASEpeer also integrates with Zapier, a software that shares data with other applications. You can use the CASEpeer-Zapier integration to automate a wide range of tasks and create time-saving workflows. Case status changes, for example, can trigger Slack notifications or outbound emails to keep the right team members informed.

"With automated workflows (CASEplans) and document automation, routine tasks take seconds and everyone knows exactly what the next step is on any given case. Basically, everything from medical record status to outstanding liens and any analytical report you could want is at my fingertips in CASEpeer. I couldn't run my law firm without it."
- Michael

Easy-to-Use Legal Software

CASEpeer reviews repeatedly mention ease of use as a primary selling point for the application. Lawyers and administrators say CASEpeer is intuitive and well-designed. Because the application follows the logical progression of PI cases, CASEpeer firms spend less time learning the software and more time getting results for their clients.

"I like the ease of use. It works and does not have technical issues like other practice management systems sometimes have. It is easy to learn without having much training."
- Paul P.

Highly Rated Customer Support

CASEpeer's intuitive design coupled with a world-class support team makes for easy, quick onboarding and implementation. CASEpeer includes unlimited free training and a dedicated support team that responds quickly to all inquiries. CASEpeer support staff is available around the clock to share best practices, solve challenges, and enhance the overall productivity gains CASEpeer can deliver.

You'll also have access to extensive help articles, videos, and tutorials for on-demand training. All training, including weekly webinars, is free for CASEpeer customers.

"CASEpeer customer service is top notch. They are receptive and helpful."
- Stephanie M.

More CASEpeer Reviews and Testimonials

Why else do legal professionals trust CASEpeer power their firm? Here are more reviews from customers describing their experience with CASEpeer:

  • "CASEpeer is set up to be understood by personal injury attorneys out of the box. The learning curve was almost flat because I knew what a tool did before I even clicked on it. It's so intuitive for someone in our industry." - Steven S.
  • "I like that the software is focused strictly on personal injury law. It has everything you need all in one place to make case management as simple as possible. I highly recommend this software to other PI attorneys searching for a good management software!" - Trevor S.
  • "We are better at keeping notes of conversations and emails all in one spot by using CASEpeer. Our client communication and client satisfaction increased with the ability to text or email directly from CASEpeer in a way that kept the conversation within the file." - Melissa E.
  • "It allows us to stay on top of our cases and interact with our clients through opt-in texting linked directly to the client's case notes. This software is the best case management software hands down!" - Brett S.
  • "The product is easy to use and, for the most part, self-explanatory. I love that you can send documents for signature to the clients via e-signature. You are also able to create templates that can be emailed not just to clients, but adjusters as well." - Sandra S.

Give your clients the outcomes they deserve with the best case management software for personal injury attorneys.

To learn more about CASEpeer's role in your firm's future, schedule a demo today.

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