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Choosing the Right Practice Management Software for Your Firm

So, your firm has finally begun searching for case management software. Whether this decision stemmed from a security breach, unhappiness with your current solution, or some other reason, it’s… Read More >

So, your firm has finally begun searching for case management software. Whether this decision stemmed from a security breach, unhappiness with your current solution, or some other reason, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Almost 50% of lawyers have never experienced practice management software before they start looking. It’s difficult to know where to start even for those who have. Before making your final decision, follow these tips to ensure satisfaction with your new legal tech investment.

Features Checklist

Draft a list of all the features your firm needs before beginning your search. It is good to start this checklist without the influence of software brands telling you what your firm needs instead of the other way around. Examples of these features can include:

  • Document upload
  • Data transfer from an existing solution
  • Ability to grow with your firm
  • Specific to your area of practice
  • Accessible on the go

Adding priorities to your list is also useful. If you have many different features you want, it may be difficult to find software that accommodates all your needs. It’s also important to distinguish between wants and needs – and prioritize accordingly.

Case Management Software Demo

Many CMS companies offer free demos to give law firms first hand experience with their product. A walk-through with a knowledgeable sales person is essential for you and your team to properly evaluate any case management solution.

Have staff members come up with their own features checklists that relate specifically to their responsibilities at your firm. Demos are also the perfect place to ask questions and discover new ways of doing things.

Included Updates

Another important aspect to keep in mind is updates. How often is the system updated? What is being updated?

Ask whether the technology you are evaluating is working on new features, in addition to resolving existing bugs. While it is necessary to correct bugs in the system, make sure the CMS you choose is planning new feature releases in the future.

Support & Ease of Use

As with any transition, there are bound to be some bumps in the road. Make those bumps more manageable by choosing an intuitive case management solution with good support.

If a system is easy to navigate, the transition will be easier for your practice. Similarly, you want to choose a case management software with quality support, both online and by phone. If and when problems do arise, you want to know there is help standing by.

Case Management Software Cost

One of the biggest factors in deciding which software to purchase is how much you can afford to spend. Keep in mind the long-term investment you are making when you plan your budget for a new practice management software.

Be sure to ask if there are costs associated with training. These can significantly raise the overall investment for your firm.

Choosing the right case management software for your practice is a decision that can affect your growth for years to come. Use our tips to find the solution that is right for you.


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