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CASEpeer Announces New Integration Partnership With Case Status

Legal practice management software company CASEpeer has announced a new partnership with Case Status, a client communication app for law firms.

Legal practice management software company CASEpeer has announced a new partnership with Case Status, a client communication app for law firms. This announcement comes with key enhancements to the integration between the two legal technology platforms. The integration will allow law firms to communicate more effectively with clients and provide a seamless way for law firms to collect net promoter scores throughout the lifetime of a case.

“CASEpeer is excited to introduce our new partnership with Case Status. As legal practice management software, CASEpeer helps law firms manage their cases, team, and business. Case Status is a powerful client facing mobile app, streamlining client communication. We’re thrilled to now offer an even more comprehensive integration to our law firms who want to use both platforms to power their practice,” said Gabriela Cubeiro, CASEpeer CEO and Co-Founder.

Law firms using CASEpeer and Case Status will be able to sync client contacts between the two systems, log Case Status messages in CASEpeer, and update a client’s case status based on changes made in CASEpeer.

Case Status is an all-in-one information hub for legal clients. It helps communicate case updates, messaging, appointments, and more, all from an app on a client’s phone.

“We are excited to officially launch our partnership with CASEpeer. I remember spending time with Gabriela and her team in their office back in 2019 and was impressed with their people and product. We’ve been working closely to build out the integration over the last year with a number of their customers. I'm looking forward to seeing what new things will come from this partnership, and it's an exciting time for both companies,” said Andy Seavers, Case Status CEO.

Through this integration, CASEpeer is looking forward to providing law firms with opportunities to streamline client communication and increase overall efficiency. 

CASEpeer is the leading practice management solution built for personal injury focused law firms. Designed with input from leading plaintiffs’ attorneys, CASEpeer offers industry-leading best practices and support. Since 2016, the company has focused on providing plaintiff law firms with visibility across operations, from case management and calendaring to employee performance, pipelines, and profitability.  To learn more about CASEpeer visit

Case Status is the leading mobile client portal and messaging platform for law firms. That's case updates, messaging, appointments and more, all from an app on your client’s phone. Centralizing firm communication, Case Status will reduce the time it takes to manage clients. To learn more about Case Status visit


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