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EXPERT ADVICE with Lerner & Rowe

The EXPERT ADVICE Webinar Series is a CASEpeer-hosted platform dedicated to producing personable conversations with industry leaders to help law firms become more successful businesses. Through EXPERT… Read More >

The EXPERT ADVICE Webinar Series is a CASEpeer-hosted platform dedicated to producing personable conversations with industry leaders to help law firms become more successful businesses. Through EXPERT ADVICE, our hope is to be a source of added value to our clients by leading thought-provoking conversations that will provide knowledgeable insights into each individual’s experience while on their journey to success.

Our first guests are Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe, co-founders of Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys®Glen Lerner works with a large network of attorneys all over America to provide legal services related to personal injury, medical malpractice, hazardous products, and more. Kevin Rowe has helped tens of thousands of people in their time of need to achieve security, well-being, and a sense of peace.

Together, Glen and Kevin have grown their law firm Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys® into one of the largest personal injury firms in the country with brand dominant offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, and Chicago. Recently named the #2 most influential advertising firm by National Trial Lawyers, they grew from a one-man shop in Las Vegas thirty years ago to nearly 400 employees in over 20 offices nationwide. 

Our CEO, Gabriela Cubeiro, sat down with Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe to discuss their road to success, the hard decisions they’ve made along the way, and how embracing change can drive success. Glen and Kevin talk about their humble beginnings in Las Vegas and how they never became complacent with their work. Glen notes how he is nonrisk averse and had a vision for what he wanted the firm to be. The two explain how they took chances in the beginning and believed in themselves.

Throughout the interview, Glen and Kevin discuss how technology has played a role in the success of their law firm. For them, technology has made their practice more efficient and improved transparency in their business. They dive into how they were not getting what they needed out of their legacy software and needed a change in the technology they were using. CASEpeer’s reporting features, dashboards, and ease of use are all reasons why Glen and Kevin made the switch. The experiences and challenges they’ve encountered over the years helped push them to learn and evolve their strategy for operating a successful business. 

This past year has brought new challenges that have affected how Lerner and Rowe operate and they have had to make business adjustments accordingly. With many people working remotely due to the pandemic and not commuting to work, there have been fewer traffic accidents and thus fewer cases. Glen explains that knowing the cost metrics of acquiring a case can help a firm grow in times of uncertainty, and that law firms should know the costs of acquiring a case as well as how much they will profit from a case. Glen and Kevin stress their need for having software with strong analytical abilities in order to effectively track this for your firm. The two talk about what it takes for their firm to maintain profitability and how CASEpeer’s costs metrics play a role in keeping them on track with their financial goals.

Glen and Kevin discuss how CASEpeer has helped employees at all levels stay on track with their tasks. CASEpeer’s accountability aspect is meant to encourage employees to check in on themselves and make sure they are staying on top of their caseload, rather than feel micromanaged by a case manager. Clients are an integral part of Lerner and Rowe’s business and through client communication, their case managers are able to easily check in on a regular basis and ensure superior customer service.

The Lerner and Rowe Co-Founders wrap up this episode of EXPERT ADVICE by sharing how important a culture of growth is to their firm and how they are always striving to be better. All the while being motivated by the wonderful relationships they have made as well as the positive impact they have on their clients. To hear more from two of the best in the business and get all of the valuable insights from this EXPERT ADVICE webinar you can watch the full video here.

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