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Expert Advice with Rob Levine

Gabriela Cubeiro sits down with Rob Levine to discuss everything from firm organization, employee training, and how to encourage productivity and loyalty.

In CASEpeer’s most recent Expert Advice webinar, "Investing in Employees Pays Off: Training & Culture," our CEO and Co-Founder Gabriela Cubeiro sat down with Rob Levine of Rob Levine & Associates and Records On Time. The two discuss everything from firm organization, employee training, and how to encourage productivity and loyalty.

Rob organizes his law firm by division of the different practice areas he works with, which are personal injury, social security, and veterans disability. Hearing insights from every member of his team is important to Rob. He encourages members of his advisory board to share ideas and recommendations to solve business problems that the firm faces. Changing processes is something that Rob welcomes at his firm. He believes that one should always look at a business issue from a fresh perspective and approach problem-solving in a way that counters the traditional methods at his firm. EA Rob Levine Blog QuoteQuote 1

Rob organizes his firm with a combination of people who know how his law firm works from a historical perspective and people who are newer to the industry and can offer new perspectives on challenges the firm currently faces. 

Training employees properly is an aspect of his business that Rob takes very seriously. His clients are a top priority and having employees who know how to serve them best is paramount to the success of his firm. He has full-time dedicated trainers at his firm to get new employees up to speed. The training program at his law firm lasts for four months and consists of regular exams where a passing grade of 90% is required to move forward. He encourages his employees to take full ownership of their cases and gives them the necessary training to do so. 

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His training program is built to invest in employees' knowledge base and give them the tools they need to better serve their clients. Rob's training program creates a career path for his employees. The training material for the program is created in-house and the trainers are often experienced case managers as opposed to outsourced corporate trainers. 

When first starting out, Rob checked in with new employees at the 30-day mark, 60-day mark, and 90-day mark to see how they are doing in their new role and if they are meeting expectations. All employees at his law firm would also be reviewed at the 1-year mark. Rob has recently switched to a new model for carrying out employee reviews by integrating 15five, a holistic performance and engagement solution for HR leaders. Every week, employees spend 15 minutes giving feedback on their weekly work and then spend five minutes with their manager to review their performance. This method has allowed Rob's employees to gain a clearer understanding of what they are doing right, what they need help with, and how to improve.

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Rob emphasizes the importance of building a strong and connected team. He encourages team contests, employee highlights, Monday morning coffee chats, and more to help foster a sense of community at his law firm. 

Sharing his thoughts on remote work, Rob admits how before COVID he would have never considered it, but now he believes there is no option other than to go remote. He explains how offering flexible work schedules and environments makes work less stressful for employees as it provides a sense of comfort. That's why at his firm, they offer a flex program that gives employees flexibility over choosing their work hours, and what time they start and end. 

For attorneys looking to expand their skills and knowledge, Rob recommends attending legal conferences and summits, like those hosted by PILMMA, and joining meeting groups. He explains how his own experience taking part in these events has significantly expanded his network, grown his firm exponentially, and shaped his professional career. 

Watch the webinar for the full discussion between Gabriela Cubeiro and Rob Levine and more of the valuable insights he shares. 


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