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Expert Advice with Zach Herbert

Gabriela Cubeiro sits down with Zach Herbert to discuss how process and delegation play a part in running a law firm like a business.

In CASEpeer’s most recent Expert Advice webinar, “Scale Your Business with Process and Delegation,” our CEO Gabriela Cubeiro sat down with Zach Herbert of Herbert Law Group. The two discuss why it is important to create processes for your business, recommendations for overcoming the challenges that come with delegation, and why Zach views his law firm as a business. 


Zach approaches his law firm as a business by shifting his mindset from that of a lawyer to that of a business owner. He explains that running a law firm like a business is essentially an ego check. In Zach’s opinion, lawyers must not look at themselves solely as ”awesome practicers of the law,” but as people who are operating a business. He believes this shift in mindset is important because it affects the way in which lawyers operate their firms and how they interact with the public and their clients. Through this shift in mindset, Zach realizes that he is offering a service to his clients as a business owner at the end of the day. This way of viewing his work has increased his firm’s efficiency at a larger scale. 


An essential part of running a successful business is making sure the correct processes are in place. Zach focuses a lot of time on setting up the right processes for his business in order to keep himself and his staff on track. Some tasks require a more formal process to stay organized, especially as more staff is added to the team. Zach determines that a more formal process is necessary when a task takes him longer than usual. He looks into ways to automate the task at hand and save time where he can. When Zach was starting his own firm, he took the time to make a process for every task that needed to be done so that when he hired someone, all he would have to do was teach that new hire the process he already had in place. 

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Zach utilizes CASEpeer to manage all of the cases at his firm and is an avid supporter of the software. He stresses the importance of taking the time to create templates to save time in the long run. Zach uses CASEpeer’s practice management features to build document templates and generate letters on-the-fly. With CASEpeer, you can automate document creation, statute notifications, task workflows, notes, and much more. Zach refines his processes through CASEpeer’s automation functionalities to improve efficiency at his firm. 


Over the years running his firm, Zach has created quite a few processes that work really well for him. He talks about his process for deposition preparation and how he uses CASEpeer’s software integration partners like Calendly to set a time with his clients for deposition preparation. Zach uses Calendly to automate communication like sending his clients meeting reminders to help avoid no-shows. Overall, it is a great tool to remove extra steps from his process so he can spend that time elsewhere, and overall increase the efficiency of his business.

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It’s no secret that Zach likes to geek out on technology. He shares a few of his favorite tools that he uses to implement and track processes, as well as how he integrates using them with CASEpeer. Zach has been helping CASEpeer test our latest integration with Zapier (more details will come soon on this!), and he is really excited about the added benefits. He uses Zapier to automate his filing system and things like case status changes, which trigger notifications to his team. Zapier is also a great tool to automate emails to clients once their case status has been changed, saving him time by eliminating one step of the communication process.


In addition to integrating technology into your processes, it is also vital to properly train employees on the processes developed. Throughout the webinar, Zach stresses the importance of training his support staff because it streamlines workflows in the long run. While training your staff can seem like a time consuming undertaking, he emphasizes how invaluable it is in terms of saving time down the road. 


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While training your support staff is paramount for running a successful business, delegation is also a skill to not look over. Delegation can sometimes seem daunting for many, but is a crucial part of the formula. Zach explains that with the practice of law, lawyers are essentially selling their time. He talks about how it is difficult to scale law firms because of this. This is where delegation comes into play. For Zach, he uses delegation to save time. 

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Process and delegation are time consuming to implement. Zach talks about having strengths and weaknesses in these areas. He stresses checking your ego at the door and being honest with yourself to see where you're not the best at certain things. Throughout Zach’s and Gabriela’s discussion, the two touch on several key topics around operating a successful business through efficient processes and intentional delegation. Watch the full webinar for more valuable insights from this conversation with Gabriela Cubeiro and Zach Herbert.

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