Twitter for Attorneys: Seven Ways to Market Your Law Firm on Twitter

These days, social media is an important component of any law firm’s marketing strategy. Use these seven best practices to promote your law firm on twitter...

These days, social media is an important component of any law firm’s marketing strategy. 

Twitter can be a useful tool when used correctly, especially for law firms and legal practitioners. With 317 million people using the platform every month, Twitter offers a substantial audience at little cost.

There are many different tools you can use to increase audience reach and create buzz around your firm.

Maximize your influence on Twitter by following the tips below.

Twitter marketing for law firms - legal hash tags

1. Include Legal Hashtags

Hashtags are created by putting a word or phrase behind the ‘#’ symbol. By including a legal marketing hashtag in your Twitter posts, you are creating a searchable tag. Users can find your Twitter page according to your hashtags, for example, “#personalinjury” or “#attorney.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, you might be surprised to find out that people are using hashtags to search Twitter constantly. Including these in your posts ultimately increases the reach of your law firm’s content.

Hashtags are also a useful way for you to search events, conferences, or ideas. If you’re having trouble coming up with new content, you can find other posters with similar interests to use as inspiration.

2. Use Twitter Management Systems

Twitter is the noisiest platform out there. Nearly 6,000 tweets are posted every second. You want your firm’s content to be seen, but how can you cut through the noise?

One method is using external software to help you manage your Twitter account. Social media management solutions like Hootsuite can organize your Twitter feed, schedule posts to go out at a later time, give you insight into your followers, and more.

Although some cost money, some of the basic services are free and can help maximize the value of your time and effort on Twitter.

3. Post Relevant Legal Content

When posting tweets, keep in mind that users prefer quality to quantity. If your posts are not supplying your audience with important and applicable information, rethink your tweet.

Users are more likely to retweet or engage with your posts if the content is useful. By posting relevant content, you also establish credibility for your legal practice.

4. Use Images to Attract Attention

Twitter feeds are crowded with short, 140 character text posts. One way to grab users’ attention and increase your number of interactions is to tweet with images. Tweets with photographs or graphics are more likely to attract the attention of users and followers.

5. Respond and Engage

Accounts that engage with their followers become more prominent on users’ Twitter feeds. You can interact with followers by responding to, following, and liking relevant tweets. As always, use good judgment when interacting with followers. Spamming users’ feeds with mentions and replies may annoy them.

6. Observe Your Competition

Twitter is an easy and discreet method of staying on top of your competition. Visit their Twitter pages to see what content they are posting and who they are following. Feel free to integrate their successful techniques into your own marketing strategy.

This practice is common on Twitter. Social media evolves rapidly, and competitors will try to copy your successes as well. Keeping up with trends is paramount to your firm’s success online, especially on Twitter.

7. Start Marketing your Law Firm on Twitter

Marketing your firm through social media is a cost effective strategy to reach a wider audience. By following these tips, your firm will be on its way to Twitter success.

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