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How to Market Your Law Firm Using Facebook

Social media platforms like Facebook have become powerful marketing tools for attorneys and law firms. Since Facebook launched in 2004, over fifty million companies, large and small, have made… Read More >

Social media platforms like Facebook have become powerful marketing tools for attorneys and law firms. Since Facebook launched in 2004, over fifty million companies, large and small, have made it part of their marketing strategy. They are smart to do so, because a billion users log in to the site every day.

Don’t overlook this powerful tool for reaching out to your clients and connecting with other legal professionals. Here are our tips for maintaining an active Facebook business page.

What’s More Important: Likes or Views?

Sure, it can be frustrating when Facebook posts don’t get the desired amount of likes. However, don’t preoccupy yourself with the number of likes, because studies have shown 40% of consumers don’t “like” brand posts.

A low number of likes doesn’t mean a low number of impressions. Instead, people may be seeing your post, even interacting with it, just not tapping the thumbs-up icon. Don’t be discouraged, and continue to post quality content.

Quality & Variety is Key to Success

It can be tempting sometimes to post frequently. Publishing more per day can generate active engagement. Keep in mind, an excessive number of posts is never justifiable. Overwhelming your followers with a surplus of unnecessary spam can sour your audience. Instead, focus on posting quality content.

On Facebook, not only is variety recommended, it’s refreshing. If someone stumbles upon your page, they don’t want to see the same posts over and over. It’s best to share interesting links, photos, and videos.

Timing Your Facebook Posts

Adopting Facebook to market your business doesn’t have to be time consuming. The platform has a schedule feature where page owners can indicate what time posts go live. This means you can stagger your planned posts for the day or week. Scheduling will help your marketing team be more time efficient.

Speaking of time, don’t forget that Facebook is a 24-hour platform. It keeps running (and in fact has more active users) after business hours. Whenever you post, try asking questions to encourage positive engagement.

Be aware that your interactions may come in the evenings. Facebook will notify you, but in most cases only once you log in to the site. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your page because all comments and posts affect your law firm’s image and reputation.

Wording is Everything

These days, a majority of consumers conduct an online search to find a service or product. Identify how people might be searching for your legal services. Incorporate those “keywords” throughout your Facebook page, including:

  • The “short description”
  • The “long description”
  • Your “mission statement”

Hashtags are also a great way to include terms that can produce more views and likes. Since the introduction of hashtags in 2007, they not only have become a social phenomenon among the younger generations, but have proven to be a useful asset to both small and large companies.

As you grow your law firm, don’t leave any stone un-turned. The most successful marketing campaigns are those that take advantage of a variety of outlets. Whether you’re new to a Facebook page, or trying to boost engagement, these tips can help you optimize your marketing. Together with other social media platforms, a strong website, and traditional options, your firm will gain momentum – and clients.

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