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Improve Productivity with CASEpeer Legal Software

It’s no secret that attorneys are busy. Maximize the potential of your law firm by increasing the productivity of your attorneys and staff. One of the best ways… Read More >

It’s no secret that attorneys are busy. Maximize the potential of your law firm by increasing the productivity of your attorneys and staff. One of the best ways to improve productivity is investing in a case management solution for your practice. It’s time for something more proactive, more powerful.

CASEpeer is a cloud-based case management software designed to streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and organize a practice from top to bottom. Law firms using CASEpeer call it a game-changer – and this is why:

Easy to Use Legal Software

Some case management programs cost law firms more in time and money than what they save. CASEpeer legal software is different. Our solution is designed to meet your needs without making your team jump through hoops.

Not only will your current employees adjust smoothly, future employees will too. CASEpeer is intended to require minimal training, so getting new hires up to speed is easy.

Powerful Automation

Every week, your paralegals and assistants spend hours addressing envelopes or completing form letters. These simple tasks add up. CASEpeer automates many manual processes, giving your law firm back time in the day. Automatically generate custom correspondence, envelopes, forms, and more.

Paperless Document Management

No more sifting through filing cabinets or cluttered desks looking for a paper file. Many modern law firms are moving towards a paperless office. While going completely paper-free may be unrealistic for your law firm, CASEpeer can help.

Scan and save documents, photographs, contact information, and everything else you need straight to the your digital file. Files and data can be accessed anywhere anytime. Users can also attach incoming and outgoing emails to cases, or take advantage of our eFax integration to send and receive faxes directly into CASEpeer.

Accessibility and Mobility

With today’s technology, law firms shouldn’t accept anything less that secure access – on the go. CASEpeer is cloud-based and can be safely accessed from any device anywhere with an Internet connection. With CASEpeer, take your case load to meetings, court, home after hours, or even on vacation!

Seamless Collaboration

Gone are the days of yelling down the hall or sending countless emails to find out the status of a case. With CASEpeer, anyone who opens a file can know exactly where other colleagues left off.

Attorneys and staff can write notes to document progress throughout the stages of a case. Since all data is in one place, your team is always on the same page. Users can also assign tasks on files that notify the responsible party. Once a task is completed, the person who assigned is notified. All activity is stored in case notes, and on the timeline of the case.

The time CASEpeer saves law firms contributes directly to their bottom line. With our powerful features and easy-to-use interface, CASEpeer makes you, your employees, and your clients happier. For more information on how CASEpeer can help your firm reach its highest potential, request a demo today.

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