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Should My Law Firm Go Paperless?

Making the switch from paper-based systems to a paperless law firm can be a hard transition, but it's well worth it. Let's talk about the benefits of paperless law firms...

Most attorneys understand that the future of the profession is paperless. An office with its files and data stored securely in the cloud is more flexible and dynamic. When paperless is done right, you and your staff can help clients more effectively. Here are the main reasons other law firms have taken the leap.

A Paperless Law Firm Can Save You Money

Significantly reducing the amount of paperwork in your office will help your firm’s bottom line. While this would be challenging 10 years ago, law firms across the nation are now shifting away from paper-based systems and to digital, cloud-based practice management platforms. 

By going paperless, your law firm can save money on several fronts. This includes: 

  • Less storage space means a smaller office, or room to grow in your current space
  • Embracing digital files will reduce your firm’s monthly printing costs
  • No more filing cabinets, folders, labels, and bankers boxes
  • Fewer errors and lost documents due to cloud-based storage

The savings from going paperless will all add up. Transitioning your business to paperless is increasingly affordable for firms big and small.

Why your Law Firm Should Go Paperless

1. Paperless Makes Your Practice Efficient

Even though efficiency is the key to running a successful practice, thousands of man hours are wasted in law firms nationwide. Adopting a paperless system can maximize the human potential of your business. From the mail room to accounting, every department will benefit. There are many different ways you can begin transitioning your firm, and each with its own payoffs.

Digital storage is a critical tool for the modern firm, enabling your team to find information instantly, without flipping through dozens of paper files. Internet faxing means employees can send faxes right from their desks, eliminating the need to print and walk through the office. Emailing and e-filing whenever possible is not only convenient, but also reduces printing and mailing costs.

Going paperless also improves collaboration – no more walking across the hall to hand over a file. As an attorney, you can review the progress and productivity of your staff with ease.

2. Fast Access to Your Files – From Anywhere

Whether you choose to store files on a server in house or with a service like Amazon, you and your staff can access documents from anywhere. Consider setting up your storage in a way that allows easy access from a mobile device. Paperless can make working from home or checking in while on vacation a reality.

3. Powerful Case Management Software

For most attorneys, the decision to go paperless goes hand in hand with choosing a practice management software. Choose a program that will integrate seamlessly into the future of your firm. The best solution may not be the one you’re using now.

Even though offices without a shred of paper are still many years away, don’t get left behind. Adopting paperless will take time and careful consideration. For more information and resources, reach out to your local bar association.

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