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Streamline Personal Injury Case Management with Document Automation

Managing a personal injury case takes a lot of work. Whether it’s a new intake or a recently filed case, your attorneys and staff may be wasting… Read More >

Managing a personal injury case takes a lot of work. Whether it’s a new intake or a recently filed case, your attorneys and staff may be wasting time on repetitive tasks. Letters of representation, captions, and even demands are often very similar from file to file. Set your law firm up for success by harnessing document automation.

Creating templates for your firm allows more time for higher-level tasks. Whether you’re a CASEpeer law firm or you use another modern case management software, make sure your firm is maximizing file and form automation features.

Why Does My Law Firm Need Document Automation?

Writing and sending letters has never been easier. Document automation, when integrated into your case management software, allows you to take information from a case and insert it into a Word document – with a single click. Imagine the time your paralegal will save when a courthouse, judge, and today’s date are automatically added to a caption, instead of typing it out by hand.

Investing the time upfront to build templates will save your team valuable time over the lifetime of every case. Instead, your attorneys and case managers can allocate the time saved to better client care and developing higher case values.

Implementing approved templates also encourages consistent quality across your law firm’s correspondence. This is crucial for new and growing firms. So don’t wait – whether you’re a solo attorney or have a team of a few hundred people, start building a foundation for your firm today.

Document Template Building Key Points

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Streamline letter and document creation – turn a 30-minute process into 3 minutes
  • Building templates is quick and easy – not something you need to outsource to your software provider
  • Templates establish consistency and quality across your firm – keep your firm communicating with a single voice

Templates Save Time-03

Getting Started With Document Automation in CASEpeer

Is your law firm using CASEpeer? If so, getting started with document automation is easy. Our template dictionary comes with thousands of keywords for your cases, contacts, and clients. To get started, identify who, at your firm, will be in charge of building and managing templates. Whether it’s just you, or a team of people, take advantage of our training webinars with step-by-step instructions on our document automation features.

Next, identify which letters change the least from case to case, and start with those. Most firms begin by creating templates for welcome letters, fax cover sheets, envelopes, letters of representation, billing or records requests, and final payment letters.

Most templates take less than 10 minutes to build. The time saved will start adding up right away. The options are limitless with the CASEpeer keyword dictionary. With a single click, most letters will generate needing very little editing. More complex letters may need minor changes, still saving hours a day for certain staff members. Just twenty templates can be a total game-changer, but many firms find it easy to keep going once they get started. The most efficient personal injury law firms have 80 or more templates in their library.

Our Clients’ Success is Our Success

Advance your firm’s efficiency and performance with document automation. Are you ignoring or underutilizing this feature? Spend more time on clients and settlement negotiations, and less time on manually typing out client addresses already entered into your practice management software. CASEpeer is here to help. Contact our Client Success Team with tips on how to get started today.


If you are a personal injury firm looking to expand your client outreach and support, book a free demo with CASEpeer today. We’re excited to show you the potential of your practice.

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