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Streamlining the Record Retrieval Process

Records On Time provides a seamless way for attorneys to request and receive clients’ medical records without leaving their practice management platform.

What is Records On Time? 

Records On Time is a modern medical records retrieval service for law firms.

They ensure all records law firms need to do their job are delivered to them in a high-quality, reliable, and responsive manner. Records on Time is committed to providing fast and reliable records retrieval. The company was founded by Attorney Rob Levine, CEO of the law firm Rob Levine & Associates. After evaluating options for his own firm, Levine saw a need for a better records retrieval service. Records on Time is known for deep integrations with legal practice management software, understanding that this is the best experience for law firms.

CASEpeer's integration will provide a fast and seamless way for attorneys and staff to request and receive clients’ medical records without leaving their practice management platform. 

Integration Overview

The integration is seamless as you never need to leave CASEpeer's platform or login to Records On Time to use the service. When broken down, there are sixteen steps that go into collecting a record. When using Records On Time, law firms only need to execute four of those steps, which are:

  1. Talk to your client and find out where they treated.
  2. Enter the information for the record request into CASEpeer. 
  3. Upload your client's signed HIPAA authorization form through the Medical Treatment Tab.
  4. Submit the records and/or billing requests for your client's health providers.

From that point, everything else is done by Records On Time and the record is pushed into CASEpeer's Note Tab. Records On Time verifies information pertaining to records and bills such as provider addresses, making sure they have the most up-to-date information.

Watch a playback of the discussion with Rob Levine of Records On Time and Gabriela Cubeiro of CASEpeer below:


Communication Between Law Firms and Records On Time

All communication, including status updates of records and bills, between Records On Time and your firm, is captured through CASEpeer's Case Notes Tab. Communications can also be viewed in the Messages Tab on CASEpeer. 

Status updates of medical records include: 

  • New
  • Processing
  • Processed
  • Delivered

Once a record request is completed and fulfilled, Records On Time sends the final document that is automatically uploaded into the Documents Tab on the case. The cost of using the record retrieval service is also automatically added to the Cost Tab on a case, allowing you to easily keep track of all costs associated with a case. 

Records On Time offers flexibility in the record retrieval process. There is a single, dedicated point of contact at Records On Time for every law firm using the service and a ticket created for each and every inquiry.

Through this integration, CASEpeer looks forward to providing clients with more opportunities to streamline the record and billing retrieval process. Services like these allow law firms to free up their paralegals and legal assistants to focus on improving client experience and outcomes.

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