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The Future of Law with Glen Lerner

In this webinar we invite Glen Lerner, Founding Partner of Lerner and Rowe, to share his insight and knowledge into what the future holds for personal injury law firms.

Glen Lerner, Founding Partner of Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys joined CASEpeer CEO and Co-founder, Gabriela Cubeiro, for an informative and insightful conversation around where the future of personal injury law might be headed. 

Glen Lerner has successfully built a national reputation. He works with a large network of attorneys all over America to provide legal services related to personal injury, medical malpractice, hazardous products, and more.

Over the last 30 years Lerner & Rowe has become one of the largest multi-state firms in the US, with over 450 employees and operations spanning nationwide. With decades of experience in the personal injury law space, Glen Lerner has witnessed first hand the evolution of owning and operating a practice, and in this webinar he shares his wealth of information and insight into his projections for the future of law

With Glen’s decades of experience he has witnessed the evolution of marketing and how to effectively support his business in the community. Between all of the different channels to reach customers as well as the constant changes in digital marketing, it can be hard to keep up.

'‘No matter how much experience you have it’s trying to stay ahead of the curve’.

On top of the changing marketing landscape, the covid pandemic has drastically shifted business operations for so many. In a business like Lerner and Rowe where office culture is imperative to the success of the company and brand, Glen notes it continues to be a challenge to operate with remote work environments.

‘It’s very difficult to create that culture when they are at the other end of a zoom’.

Overall Glen projects a shift to how the law firm space operates, from reduced caseload for personal injury firms to more competition, the market is shifting. Watch the replay to hear the full conversation with Glen Lerner, learn from his ideas and get inspired about the future of law. 

'People don’t consider so often all of these other extraneous forces that are going to cause us to have to make radical changes to our business model.



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