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Do I Need to Upgrade My Case Management Software?

Have you ever considered upgrading your case management software? If you’ve been using your current system for a few years, you know its strengths and limitations. Although… Read More >

Have you ever considered upgrading your case management software? If you’ve been using your current system for a few years, you know its strengths and limitations. Although your team has adapted over time, there’s a good chance your existing practice management solution is out of date. Maybe it hasn’t kept up with technology, or with the growth of your law firm.

If you can’t say with certainty that your practice is running efficiently, it’s time to evaluate other options. Ask yourself these questions to see if your law firm will benefit from a change:

Is My Case Management Software Hard to Use?

Many legal software solutions have been around for decades – and you can tell from the user interface. Do you spend far too much time training new employees on how to use your firm’s case management software? If so, your current setup is compromising your growth and costing you money. New hires are in their twenties or thirties and accustomed to cutting-edge technology. An outdated legal software will be frustrating, and can handicap even the best employees.

Do you yourself get overwhelmed by the number of steps required to complete everyday tasks? Modern case management softwares like CASEpeer are built with ease of use in mind. That means less clicks to get to what you need most. Over time, those extra steps add up to days lost.

Can I Use it On the Go?

Being an attorney is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. As a business owner. you regularly take your work home. Does your practice management solution follow you wherever you go? With technology these days, you should be able to function whether you’re at the office or at your daughter’s soccer game.

Does My Legal Software Auto Generate Word Documents?

Do you have to write up a welcome letter every time you sign up a new client? Your case management software should make sending out common form letters easy. With a program like CASEpeer, you can generate a Word document pre-populated with any necessary case information. From an adjuster’s address, to claim number, to a hospital’s fax number, we have you covered.

Do I Still Rely on Paper Files?

Many law firms are going paperless. Your firm’s program may not have the proper fields and organization necessary to take the leap. In this situation, the paper file is still the final record for each case. This prevents your firm from functioning at maximum efficiency, and makes it difficult to review cases on the go.

Consider choosing a software designed specifically for your practice area. Look for strong document management features like unlimited storage, search, and organization.

Do I Spend a Lot of Time Putting Out Fires?

The right practice management solution should help you identify problems before they happen. If you and your staff spend most of your day reacting instead of working proactively, your current solution is not working.

Case management softwares are constantly improving and evolving. With the number of different solutions available today, you shouldn’t have to settle for something that isn’t working for your firm in the long run.

At CASEpeer, we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our services. Law firms nationwide depend on our innovation, speed, and security. Click here to learn more about us.

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