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Value of Improving Your Law Firm’s Contact Management

Every law firm is built on establishing relationships with colleagues, clients, and partners. Managing contacts can help your attorneys and staff be more effective. CASEpeer legal software is… Read More >

Every law firm is built on establishing relationships with colleagues, clients, and partners. Managing contacts can help your attorneys and staff be more effective. CASEpeer legal software is designed to help personal injury law firms track their contact relationships.

We understand there is value in history. From insurance adjusters to judges to medical providers, law firms can keep notes and track patterns.


CASEpeer makes it easy to keep your contacts unique, clean, and up-to-date. This is important for building a collective knowledge base, preventing mistakes, and ensuring the continued success of your law firm.

Every Contact is Unique

Every contact in CASEpeer, such as a medical providers or courthouse, is its own entity. You have history with each of your contacts. Look it up quickly in an open case or access the data in your contact directory. If a staff member accidentally creates a duplicate, CASEpeer’s merge tools help your law firm maintain unique contacts.

As time goes on, your firm will be able to see patterns, track changes, and plan for the future. But this is only possible if you keep your contacts clean.

How to Keep Your Contacts Clean

Keeping your contacts clean doesn’t require much effort, but can create tremendous value in the long run. Follow these easy rules to ensure you are making the most of CASEpeer’s capabilities. Review these with your attorneys and staff to make sure your data is up-to-date. A shared contact management system is only effective if everyone is committed to the cause.

Check the Drop Down Menus

When adding a new contact to CASEpeer, check the drop down menu for your contact before creating a new one. If that contact is already in the system, you don’t have to waste time re-entering information. If it’s not in the system already, create a new contact. Even if an existing contact’s name is similar, it doesn’t mean it’s the same contact. If the name is not an exact match, create a new contact. These good habits will ensure the continued accuracy of your firm’s records.

Keep Important Information Up to Date

Ensuring accuracy means contacts also need to be updated as things change. If a hospital’s billing address has changed, update it in CASEpeer. When you make changes to a contact in CASEpeer, the rest of your firm will be able to see them. This ensures that everyone in your firm is consistently working with the most up-to-date information.

Because everyone in your firm shares contact details, it is every employee’s responsibility to ensure accuracy. Make sure your colleagues are proactive about the organization of your firm’s contacts. Information is power. Proper contact management provides everyone at your law firm with information to change the course of a conversation. Whether negotiating with an insurance adjuster or reducing a lien with a doctor, an accurate contact history can help.

Not using CASEpeer at your personal injury law firm? Schedule a demo to see what we can do to help transform your contact management.

CASEpeer is a comprehensive case management software designed just for personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to helping attorneys and staff become more productive, more powerful.

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