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How Law Firms Are Using CASEpeer’s Zapier Integration

Take your law firm's productivity to the next level. With CASEpeer's Zapier integration, you can now automate between your favorite tools like Gmail, Slack, and many more.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect your favorite web apps and move information between them automatically. Within Zapier, you can create “Zaps” or automations that connect CASEpeer to apps like Gmail, Slack, and many others using trigger events and action events. 

  • Trigger events are events that happen in CASEpeer (or another trigger app) that tell Zapier to execute an action in a different app. 
  • Action events are the actions/automations that occur when the trigger takes place (ex. sending an email, Slack message, etc.)

How do Triggers and Actions Work?

If a trigger event happens in the trigger app, then an action event happens in the action app. CASEpeer has multiple trigger events that can automate actions in other connected apps. Some CASEpeer triggers include: 

  • Change in case status
  • New lead is added to CASEpeer
  • Incoming text from a client

If your firm uses web apps like Google Forms or Gravity Forms to capture new leads, and you want those leads coming into CASEpeer, you can also use CASEpeer’s action event to create new leads in CASEpeer. 

Connect CASEpeer to Mail Apps 

Law firms want to trigger emails based on events triggered in CASEpeer, their personal injury case management software. A few examples are:

  • Sending a client a message when the status of their case changes
  • Sending a new prospective client information about your law firm
  • Sending an email to someone on your team when the client texts
  • Sending an alert to your intake attorneys when a new lead comes in

Common mail applications CASEpeer can talk to via Zapier are:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Gmail

Or firms can automate actions through marketing email apps including:

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailerLite

CASEpeer also has native email integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Mailchimp.

Track Marketing Leads with CASEpeer

Tracking leads and connecting with them quickly is essential for plaintiff injury law firms. Most firms will have many different ways of aggregating leads, including website forms, chat bots, Facebook forms, and more. CASEpeer has several native integrations specific to lead creation, and with Zapier, the options are limitless.

The most common zaps used to automatically push leads into CASEpeer are:

  • Gravity Forms
  • Google Forms
  • Woodpecker
  • Facebook Lead Ads

Law firms also use the CASEpeer Zapier integration to trigger actions when a lead is added to CASEpeer. For example:

  • Sending a text to an intake attorney when a new lead is added to CASEpeer
  • Adding details regarding a new lead to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

Connect CASEpeer to Messaging Apps

Most personal injury law firms rely on team chat applications for internal communications. With Zapier, key activity in CASEpeer can now send messages to individuals, groups, or channels, depending on your app of choice. A few use cases include:

  • Sending a message to an "Incoming texts" Slack channel whenever a new client text comes in
  • Sending your accountant a message when the case status is changed to "Disbursement"
  • Sending a message with the case url to your litigation group chat when a case is changed to "Litigation Review"

Common team chat apps CASEpeer can connect with via Zapier are:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Discord
  • Chatwork

Connect CASEpeer to Collaboration and Task Management Tools

Some firms choose to use CASEpeer alongside other collaboration and task management tools, especially when communicating with their marketing and business development teams. They use Zapier to automate activity like:

  • Creating a task for a marketing team to review the source of a new lead in CASEpeer
  • Creating a ticket for any time a client texts to make sure it’s top of mind

Frequently used collaboration tools CASEpeer integrates with via Zapier are:

  • Asana
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Confluence Cloud
  • Trello
  • Google Tasks
  • Microsoft To Do

These are just a few way law firms are harnessing CASEpeer's Zapier integration. They are working even faster than before, automating key actions between CASEpeer and their other favorite apps.



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