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10 Reasons Your Personal Injury Law Firm Needs CASEpeer

The most successful personal injury law firms work hard, communicate well with clients, and are extremely organized. At CASEpeer, we help personal injury attorneys and staff across… Read More >

The most successful personal injury law firms work hard, communicate well with clients, and are extremely organized.

At CASEpeer, we help personal injury attorneys and staff across the country work faster and smarter. Here are ten reasons why your firm should be using CASEpeer, too. Let us help you help your clients – and maximize results.

Case Management Software Made for Personal Injury Firms

CASEpeer is the most comprehensive legal practice management solution designed specifically for personal injury law firms. From the ground up, our tools are built to easily manage even the most complex personal injury claims with ease. Read more about what makes CASEpeer personal injury focused.

Since CASEpeer is created for personal injury law firms, it requires no extra time for customization: everything is ready to use on day one.

Work From Anywhere

If you’re a trial attorney, you spend hours a week out of the office, whether in court or at depositions. You aren’t chained to your desk, so why should your software be?

CASEpeer is cloud based, which means users can access their cases anywhere, anytime, right from their internet browser. Look up a client’s phone number from your phone on the way to a hearing, or review a case document on your iPad before meeting with the defense attorney – the power is in your hands, literally.

All CASEpeer subscriptions come with free access to the CASEpeer mobile app, which enables users to view cases, send and receive tasks, see notifications right on your phone.

World-Class Support

Implementing a new case management software is a transition for any law firm. CASEpeer is user-friendly and includes extensive customer support services. All new users are provided with introductory trainings with our dedicated client managers. Subsequent support is provided as needed – by phone, chat, email and more.

Clients can also consult the comprehensive online help center or sign-up for one of our weekly webinars. All CASEpeer training and support is free of charge.

Secure Software for Law Firms

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At CASEpeer, your security is our priority. We take every precaution to make sure your data is secure.

Our standout security features include:

  • Made in the USA: Our software is developed in Southern California by the CASEpeer team, not by overseas programmers.
  • Frequent data backupsAll data is backed up every five minutes and stored on servers in the United States.
  • No down time: Data is backed up to multiple servers. In the (very rare) case that a server goes down, your data will be retrieved from another server, resulting in a seamless user experience.
  • Bank-grade security: CASEpeer is built from the ground up with security in mind, with end-to-end encryption, HIPAA compliance, and more.

No Long-Term Contract

Many legal case management providers require clients to sign one, two, or even three-plus year contracts when they buy their software.

Do you want to be stuck in a contract if you decide the software is wrong for your firm?

At CASEpeer, we earn your trust every month.

We have NO longterm contracts. Our clients pay a transparent per user, per month fee, which includes the software, training and support, and regular updates.

We believe you should use your software because you love it, not because you’re stuck in a contract.

Read more about CASEpeer pricing.

Document Automation

Is your staff still manually typing up letters of rep, client welcome letters, and proofs of service? CASEpeer empowers law firms to create their own templates for letters, forms, envelopes, and more. Information you’ve already entered on a case in CASEpeer will automatically populate your firm’s custom templates, saving your staff time.

Every five minutes saved on document assembly is five more minutes your staff can get back to work for your clients. In fact, our average user reports saving over four hours a week – that’s 200 hours a year!

Statute and Deadline Tracking

Deadlines and statutes keep personal injury attorneys and paralegals up at night. That’s why CASEpeer comes equipped with powerful tools to help your law firm track and meet all deadlines.

  • User, case, and firm-wide calendars make sure everyone is always on the same page.
  • Statute notifications automatically send alerts to attorneys and staff when statutes are closing in, all the way down to daily alerts during the last week.
  • CalendarRules integration automatically calculates related dates based on specific trigger events, according to the case jurisdiction.

Reports and Analytics

One of the greatest benefits of any case management solution is the ability to analyze your law firm’s data. CASEpeer comes with built-in reporting features to help personal injury firms make decisions based on their most important metrics.

Unlike other software products, there is no need to manually build these reports in CASEpeer – they are available right out of the box, and automatically update as your law firm begins to add information.

Enhanced Client Communication

Whether you communicate by email, phone, text, or client portal, CASEpeer makes it easy to keep in touch with clients. All communication is saved, so it can be referenced by anyone working on the case.

CASEpeer also makes it easy to sort cases by last client communication date, so you can ensure your law firm’s exacting standards are being met.

Easy-to-Use Software

When people see CASEpeer for the first time, they notice the difference immediately. Because CASEpeer is designed for personal injury, it follows the logical progression of PI cases, from intake to the resolution of the client trust. Easy to use software means less time spent learning how to use the program, and more time doing your job.

For all these reasons and more, our clients refer to us as “the best PI software money can buy.” We are constantly improving, and strive to maintain that reputation every day.

Ready to see CASEpeer for yourself? Book a free demo here.

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