7 Features to Look For in a Personal Injury Management Software

We've narrowed down 7 features to look for in a personal injury management software to help your firm achieve its long-term and short-term goals...

Running a successful personal injury firm requires juggling responsibilities that too often detract from your firm’s primary focus: driving positive client outcomes. It’s hard to know how productive your teams are and if your personal injury practice is thriving.  

That’s why personal injury firms need the right tools and knowledge to achieve long-term and short-term goals. However, there is little to no time for you to deal with inefficient systems, let alone underperforming case management systems. 

We created this simple guide to help you narrow in on the features your firm might require to run successfully. At its core, case management software should significantly improve a personal injury firm's activities by streamlining various processes such as task management, client communication, cost tracking, and more. 

If your firm is currently using antiquated software, or a system your attorneys and staff refuse to use,  it’s more important than ever to be open to a new intuitive practice management system.

Features to consider for your personal injury management software

The primary goal of any personal injury firm is to drive positive client outcomes. Every day is about making your clients physically and financially whole while running your business. That’s why you want out-of-the-box case management software designed specifically for personal injury law. The right software should include the following: 

Calendar and task management 

Staying organized and keeping a pulse on firm productivity can become a headache if you choose to do everything manually. 

The solution you choose should have calendar and task management features that allow you to assign tasks, set reminders, due dates, and priorities across all levels of your firm. This means that a solution that syncs with your calendar is crucial, as it will allow your firm to stay on top of their tasks to work confidently on a day-to-day basis. 

You need everyone on your team to work without the fear of missing deadlines. Choosing a solution that provides visibility and automation across your firm will empower your team to confidently manage tasks, statutes, and beyond across your ever-growing caseload. 

Third-party data visibility 

Personal injury cases are particularly complex when it comes to insurance data and medical information. The software you choose should enable you to track client injuries, medical treatment, and insurance details. 

Keeping up with health liens and injury checklists requires software that will effectively manage these tasks by: 

  • Tracking medical billing details and status of records requests
  • Generating provider letters
  • Uploading the documents to the relevant case file
  • Manage necessary lien reductions quickly and effectively

In the long run, a system that intuitively helps you manage medical treatment and other key stages of a case will increase your team’s overall productivity.

Litigation management

An effective personal injury case management software will help you manage litigation tasks such as tracking the judges, expert witnesses, clerks, or mediators. Keep your client up to date on key dates and documents throughout their case with the intuitive client portal and integrated follow-up tools. 

At the end of the day, this means you will be able to give your clients the outcomes they deserve  and maximize the outcome of every case.

Client portal and communication

A client portal, client texting, and client communication tracking is essential for every modern law firm. Consumers have come to expect transparency and easy communication from all of their professional service providers. 

A secure portal allows you to share case updates, documents, photos, and contact information with the clients quickly and securely. Look for a case management software that will track the last time you communicated with a client, and that makes communication and reminders easy via integrated text messaging.

Remember, clients you treat well will over time turn into your best source of referrals.

Integrated case notes and communication 

Whatever solution you choose should account for client communication, but firmwide communication and visibility as well. 

Your firm can’t run with efficiency without a system that gives everyone transparency on case status and activity. Managers and administrators should have insight across employees, teams, and the entire firm. 

Cost tracking 

In order to improve your bottom line, you must keep a pulse on your firm’s case costs. Most contingency fee law firms miss out on reimbursement at the time a case settles due to poor tracking procedures. 

Ensure your case management software allows you to streamline your cost request processes and transfer records to your accounting system with ease. This will allow you to easily track and create requests directly from your case records and simplify your cost requests and integrations. 

With accounting integration partners like Intuit’s Quickbooks Online and legal accounting software Soluno, you can streamline your financial operations and easily track your costs for each case. 

Intuitive Reports 

In order to manage your firm more effectively, you will need to harness your firm’s data to track individual and team performance. Personal injury firm case management software can help you generate reports on leads, calculate costs, productivity and more so you can analyze and optimize your operations with ease. 

Leverage a smarter personal injury case management software 

To stay successful in today's competitive landscape, you need to keep up with the dynamic technology. CASEpeer’s turnkey solution provides personal injury law firms with tools and features built with their unique needs in mind. Contact us today to see how you can bring more organization, efficiency, and accuracy across your firm.

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