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A Conversation with Nalini Prasad of BluShark Digital

CASEpeer CEO Gabriela Cubeiro, sat down with Nalini Prasad of BluShark Digital to discuss all things digital marketing.

In our recent edition of CASEpeer's 'A Conversation With' series, we welcomed Nalini Prasad of BluShark Digital. CASEpeer CEO and Co-founder, Gabriela Cubeiro, sits down with Nalini to discuss all things digital marketing for law firms.

Nalini has a wealth of knowledge around best in class digital marketing tactics and provides great perspective around the importance of evaluating 2022 and setting the stage for planning 2023. In this webinar Nalini really unpacks the constant changes to digital marketing, where you should be focusing your efforts, and the why behind it.
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A key topic area that was discussed was around Google Business profiles - navigating the updates, finding the workarounds and why it’s important to keep things current. A big change to the Google Business platform is how businesses are now found. In an effort to even out the space and provide a fair and equal opportunity to all businesses Google reigned in reach of big law firms and gave more visibility to smaller firms. As can be imagined this worked to benefit some but limited others. Nalini continues to explain Google has now created smaller markets with service areas which can be utilized to help increase visibility of a Google Business profile.
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Nalini highly recommends keeping your Google Business profile up to date so that you look to be a well managed firm when you do appear in search results. Noting that prospects are more inclined to click on the profile with quality reviews and current information over those profiles without.

Aside from consistent maintenance of a Google Business profile it is also important to evaluate budget insights and apply it to future business strategy. Nalini emphasizes the importance of carving out the time to review how money was spent and if it had a positive return. She encourages utilizing the tools and systems that are in place, such as case management software, and put them to work for you. Looking at the data and evaluating its return for your firm will help you make smarter decisions in strategizing your goals, since marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

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Nalini continues to highlight the value of reinvesting into your business but with the right strategy in place and with realistic budgets that are sustainable for your firm. She notes rather than spending at the top of your budget for a dream you think might happen, instead target your budget to an area that you can own and win in 2023. 

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With Q4 just a few days away this is a great time to start reviewing the year and making plans for your business in 2023. To hear the full conversation and learn more about digital marketing and how it relates to Google Business, SEO, marketing strategy and much more, view the playback below.  



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