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Can I Use Google Workspace to Run My Law Firm? – Part 2

In last week’s post, we discussed Google Workspace's features and how they compare to those of top practice management solutions. Although very useful, Google’s business tools are not a… Read More >

In last week’s post, we discussed Google Workspace's (previously known as G Suite) features and how they compare to those of top practice management solutions. Although very useful, Google’s business tools are not a replacement for a dedicated legal software. Because case management solutions are built specifically for law firms, they can empower your practice more effectively than Gmail and Google Docs alone.

What Practice Management Software Does that Google Workspace Can’t

Google Workspace was not created for law firms, so there are certainly features it lacks. Legal practice management software by nature optimizes its features for your daily tasks. These features are essential for your firm to function efficiently.

Track Cases

Powerful practice management solutions give you the ability to track the nuances of every case in one place. Legal software solutions like CASEpeer are designed to serve as an organizational guide for your clients from beginning to end.

Intake Management

Google Sheets is not a foolproof method for effectively tracking your lead generation. You may already be using a separate CRM system to track the intake progress of each client. The best practice management software has intake features built in, allowing you to attach information to a client at intake and build the entire case from there.

This allows you to track leads seamlessly. From the date of last contact to the strength of the case, collecting all the information in one place makes it easy to track your firm’s progress over time.

Reports and Summaries

Case management software has the ability to generate powerful reports. This means detailed insights into activity throughout your firm, which would be too time-consuming to track in a spreadsheet.

Enhanced case summaries allow you, among other things, to give better customer service. When a client calls, you can quickly access their file and get up to speed, as if you were just perusing their case. CASEpeer’s at-a-glace case summaries help you make sense of every file faster than ever before.

Cost Tracking

Google Workspace does not come with cost tracking features, although some firms will use Google Sheets or Google Docs. Powerful case management solutions like CASEpeer allow you to track case costs, request checks, and more, all within the software. No more lost costs, or constant checking in with the firm accountant about status.

Case Management

Imagine your paper file. Now imagine all the redundant copies of that case, and all the accompanying notes, and all of the other associated paperwork. Practice management software takes everything a paper file has and puts it all into one organized space. As an employee, you can track the case as it moves through departments, see who’s working on it, what’s been done, and more. Case management software gives you a bird’s eye view of each case, and your firm as a whole.

So what does this mean? Although Google Workspace offers law firms powerful tools including email and calendar, it cannot compete with case management software when it comes to running a growing practice.

CASEpeer is a legal case management software designed for personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to helping law firms grow. Follow our blog for more legal technology articles and practice management tips.

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