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CASEpeer Empowers Large Personal Injury Law Firms

Whether you’re a large personal injury law firm or hoping to become one, you need the tools to sustain growth and foster accountability and productivity. As your… Read More >

Whether you’re a large personal injury law firm or hoping to become one, you need the tools to sustain growth and foster accountability and productivity. As your staff roster continues to grow, can you confidently say that you’re running a tight ship?

CASEpeer is a personal injury case management solution that is perfect for the needs of large law firms. Here are four reasons why large law firms are raving about us, and why yours will too:

Learning CASEpeer is easy

With so many employees, training new hires at large firms is a worthwhile, yet time-consuming necessity. As an out-of-the-box solution, CASEpeer is easy to use and helps streamline onboarding with our standardized features and expert Client Success Team.

Our CASEplan feature allows law firms to automate a set of tasks for every stage of a personal injury case. This provides new hires with a consistent roadmap of tasks to be completed on their very first day.

On top of this our Client Success Team offers unlimited onboarding and ad hoc training for law firms of all sizes to get them up to speed with CASEpeer’s unique features. 

Streamline your intake process

Large firms receive hundreds if not thousands of intake calls monthly. You need a process in place that systematically collects and stores meaningful information on leads. CASEpeer’s intake management tools make it easy to transition your leads to a retained client. 

Our dedicated intake window gives you the freedom to include as much or as little information as you want for a lead. This window also provides information fields that are common for all personal injury cases. This means that whether a seasoned case manager or a new hire, your staff will have a guide for successful intake calls and data collection.

This same data can also be used to draw meaningful insights on leads and inspire smart decisions. Our reports help large law firms track everything from conversion rates to which marketing campaigns are bringing in the most leads.

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Accountability & Productivity Reports

The large law firms we work with often have dozens employed in support roles alone. Does your firm have the means to confidently track the productivity of your employees? 

With CASEpeer’s analytics reports and task management tools, firm administrators can both assign an array of tasks to case managers and track their individual productivity. You can reward your high performers, and encourage those who may not be meeting their benchmarks. Rest assured, you can sleep at night knowing your firm is operating at its full potential. 

CASEpeer also allows firms to assign specific teams of attorneys and support staff to a single case. With scores of employees and thousands of cases to distribute, you can stay organized and ready to best serve your clients.

Revenue Tracking

With hundreds of cases come hundreds of settlements and negotiations to track for large law firms. If your firm isn’t organized it can be easy for certain letters and demands to slip through the cracks, costing your clients hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

From third party demands, UM demands, or med pay requests, CASEpeer helps attorneys to track it all

Attorneys also have a competitive advantage when negotiating liens. Our settlement tab allows firms to track reduction amounts before they are final. When needed, attorneys can pull up a lien holder’s entire history with your law firm to add more leverage in negotiations.


CASEpeer is dedicated to empowering the work of personal injury law firms of all sizes. Whether a firm of 5 employees, or 500, our tools help law firms settle cases faster, and provide the high-quality legal services their clients deserve.

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