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Now is the Time to Choose CASEpeer

Many law firms are learning for the first time what it means to deliver legal services remotely. It’s easier than ever to help personal injury clients while… Read More >

Over the last couple years many law firms for the first time had to learn what it meant to deliver legal services remotely. While businesses have returned to the office, many have adopted remote work as the norm and technology plays a big role. It’s easier than ever to help personal injury clients while out of the office, but the legal technology your firm chooses will determine the quality of your work experience and that of your staff.

CASEpeer is the solution of choice for top personal injury attorneys. Our powerful practice and case management software is in the cloud – giving you the capability to provide high-quality legal services from anywhere and any device. Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to make your firm a CASEpeer firm.

Become a Paperless Law Firm

Reducing the amount of paperwork your law firm uses will help your bottom line. Not only will you reduce clutter, but your business can save money in costs related to file storage, printing, and office space. CASEpeer provides unlimited cloud-based storage to all users. You can store documents, invoices, templates, and photos that can be accessed from any device. 

If your law firm uses Dropbox, you can use our two-way integration to create folders, upload files, and edit documents – right from CASEpeer.

CASEpeer also has e-signature functionality powered by Hellosign, providing fast turnaround for paperless contracts.

Access Your Firm in the Cloud

In addition to allowing law firms to transition to a paperless environment, CASEpeer’s cloud-hosted software ensures sensitive client and firm data is secure and backed up on redundant servers in the United States. On top of this, storing your data on the cloud will allow your firm to save in overhead costs related to the installation and maintenance of an in-house server. 

One of the most relevant advantages of the cloud is the true freedom to access CASEpeer and your stored files from anywhere. Compared to in-house servers with complex VPNs and remote log-ins, a secure internet connection is all you need to access CASEpeer. Because of this, we have successfully transitioned thousands of attorneys and staff nationwide to be able to work from home during COVID-19. 

The Time Is Now-03-1

Collaborate at the Office and at Home

CASEpeer empowers personal injury law firms to collaborate effectively. Our key features from Intake Management to Settlement tools allow your firm staff to seamlessly navigate every stage of your personal injury cases. Our case note and task functionalities also foster clear internal communication regarding work to be done or work already completed.

Additionally, CASEpeer’s full functionality on the cloud allows your team to work effectively from anywhere. As a completely paperless solution, the Cloud provides you access to the same case files your staff can see, ensuring your work is dynamic and in-sync. As law firms across the country have transitioned to remote work, CASEpeer will ensure that firm collaboration remains at its best.

Keep Your Staff Accountable

CASEpeer has accountability tools designed specifically for personal injury law firms. With our unique case note and task features, attorneys can track the progress of individual cases and communicate to employees the specific needs for moving forward.

For law firms looking to standardize their approach to cases, our CASEplan workflow automatically generates tasks based on the stage of an individual file. This ensures that both experienced and new employees have a consistent roadmap of tasks to complete from client intake to settlement disbursement.

On the management level, CASEpeer allows firm administrators to access a powerful suite of reports that collect meaningful KPIs.

  • Productivity – See exactly who is doing what (and who isn’t). We recommend checking this report daily for firms working from home.
  • Missing Data – Identify cases missing key information like addresses, dates, or insurance details.
  • Medical Records Requests – Track all of your firm’s pending medical records requests, streamlining follow-up.
  • Demands – Monitor who is sending demands and settling cases.

Every management report is out-of-the-box ready, no customization required.

One thing is for sure, because of the pandemic the way legal professionals work has changed forever. Do you really need a big office? Can any of your staff be more productive at home? Can you afford not to adapt? There is no better time to find a case management solution that will empower your firm with productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. There is no better time for CASEpeer.

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