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Plan Your Law Firm’s Future With CASEpeer Reports

Imagine if you could look into your law firm’s future with clarity. The power of knowing where your practice will be a month, a year, or even… Read More >

Imagine if you could look into your law firm’s future with clarity. The power of knowing where your practice will be a month, a year, or even five years from now is priceless. CASEpeer legal software helps law firms harness their data and view it in meaningful ways.

Every growing or established law firm has a history, and with it comes invaluable data. But are you tracking these metrics and milestones? Big data is increasingly important for businesses, but it’s useless without an effective way to track and digest the information.

Review your history and plan your future with our powerful practice management tools. Easy to understand reports help everyone from partners to paralegals look ahead.

Analyze Marketing Campaigns

Most personal injury law firms are aggressive about their marketing strategies. You want to know your marketing dollars are being spent effectively. Your firm has several referral or lead streams going at all times, begging the question: where are your leads actually coming from?

CASEpeer tracks the source of every prospective client and generates reports based on that data. We even help attorneys identify which sources have a better conversion rate. This data helps your firm identify strong and weak lead sources, allowing you to focus on those with a bigger impact.

Stop wasting money on strategies that aren’t right for your firm. With CASEpeer’s lead tracking, there’s no more guesswork.

Track Settlements & Expenses

CASEpeer comes with extensive settlement tracking tools made specifically for personal injury attorneys. We understand how important it is to track your out of pocket costs, as well as all the credits and debits from the client trust.

In addition to detailed insights into each case, managers can also see a pipeline of demands, offers, and pending funds firm-wide. Finally – clarity into your monthly projected incomes. Filter by lead attorney to see who is succeeding, and who might need more help.

Finance related reports like collected fees or issued payments allow you to digest your historical data meaningfully. CASEpeer’s filters make it easy to find patterns; whether searching by case type or lead source, we help attorneys shape their future decision making.

Get Proactive About Workflows

Problems in a case like forgetting to call back an insurance company, missed costs, or upcoming statutes can be hard to manage without the right tools. But these issues can hurt your firm’s success and even reputation. CASEpeer helps firm managers and administrators identify pain points and important missing information – all in one place. With easy-to-understand reports, no more cases slipping through the cracks.

Knowing what helps your firm grow and what doesn’t is a game-changer for any business. With CASEpeer, your firm will have both insight and oversight across departments and individual employees.

Plan for the future of your firm with confidence. CASEpeer will help. Want to see it for yourself? Book a free demo here.

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