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Qualities Clients Look For in a Personal Injury Attorney

As a personal injury attorney, you understand the importance of appealing to your prospective clients. How you run your law firm, staff, and experience are all factors… Read More >

As a personal injury attorney, you understand the importance of appealing to your prospective clients. How you run your law firm, staff, and experience are all factors that influence a client’s decision.

We’ve put together a list of qualities clients are looking for in their attorney. From the first impression to the reputation you build up over time, marketing your law firm begins with you.

Clients Want Someone Trustworthy

Just like you, clients don’t want to get into business with someone they don’t trust. Thanks to misinformation, there’s already a pervasive mistrust of lawyers, and personal injury attorneys in particular.

Trustworthy attorneys are those who have a good track record with previous clients. Most people shopping for an attorney will rely on previous clients who they believe will be truthful about their experience. To gauge the reputation of a law firm, clients will generally browse reviews of the business online on sites like Yelp, Google, or Avvo.

To ensure that prospective clients see you as trustworthy, take care in managing your online reputation. It goes without saying that it is important to remain in good standing with your state bar.

Clients Want an Expert

No, clients don’t care what articles you’ve written – in most cases they wouldn’t know where to look for those. They simply want to know if you have the experience and clout to win their case.

For this information, clients will browse your website for past cases; it helps to mention specific settlement dollar amounts. They may also look to your blog, to learn more about your legal interests. If you have received any awards relevant to your work as a personal injury lawyer, include them on the home page.

Clients Want an Effective Communicator

Clients have a hard time relating to someone who only speaks “legalese.” They want a lawyer they can understand, who answers their calls, and keeps them informed on the status of their case.

Prospective clients will be able to see your communication skills in your blog or in any videos you have online. If you don’t have either, you might be missing out on attracting new clients to your firm.

Your past clients will be likely to mention your communication skills or lack thereof in their reviews. Making your clients feel heard and understood often falls to your staff. It’s important to train your employees in effective communication skills.

Clients Want an Organized Attorney

Clients assume that you will always be able to answer their questions and that they will only have to tell you things once. Many complaints present in online reviews of law firms are the result of disorganization and miscommunication.

Every client wants to feel like they are your only case. It’s not easy to stay organized with a large case load, and provide seamless service to your clients.

Personal injury legal software like CASEpeer can help your law firm stay more organized with less effort. From note-taking, to calendaring, to client and case management, a modern software solution can help your practice grow.

For more information on how CASEpeer can keep your personal injury law firm organized click here.

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