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The Ultimate Marketing Gift Guide for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

With 2022 just around the corner, now is the best time to start thinking about boosting your legal marketing strategies to attract new clients in the new year… Read More >

With 2022 just around the corner, now is the best time to start thinking about boosting your legal marketing strategies to attract new clients in the new year. How are you going to set your firm apart?

If you’re ready to craft up new legal marketing campaigns, revamp your social media presence, and produce engaging new content to draw in new leads, we’ve got the thing for you. CASEpeer has put together the ultimate gift guide to spice up your marketing department and keep your team’s spirits bright.

1. Make Professional Videos Easily with VideoShop

First on our list is a product your marketing team can’t go without. From video extras like music, voiceovers, and streamlined transitions, this program will give your video campaign that extra twinkle. Check out this hand-held app, VideoShop

Even if you have minimal experience with video editing or don’t have the bandwidth to hire a video producer, this app gives you the power to do more with less. Set your firm apart by creating professional-looking, personalized videos that you can upload and share directly from your phone or tablet. Whether your marketing team is you, or a department full of people, this tool can take your law firm’s Instagram reels, YouTube explainer videos, and TikToks to new heights. 

2. Convert More Leads and Improve Client Experience with a Call Service

Do new intake calls come straight to your office? How does your law firm route current client calls during lunch or peak hours? Are you ever sending a lead or client straight to voicemail? If your team needs help answering intake calls to improve conversions and campaign tracking, consider putting a call service on your wish list. Not only will a massive weight be taken off your team’s shoulders, but you’ll set the tone for the overall client experience right from the start.

Want to work with a company specialized in helping law firms? Well, Answering Legal is answering the call (pun intended). If your law firm needs more general phone services, Ruby, formerly known as Ruby Receptionist, has call answering and routing (available in multiple languages) as well as web chat services.

Law firms can work with the call services to pick and choose the services they need to optimize. Every personal injury law firm is different – and the best call service companies know this. Features may include:

  • Reception backup
  • Call answering and routing after hours
  • Intake call answering and routing during business hours
  • Advanced call forwarding scripts
  • Recording messages
  • Scheduling appointments

Your marketing team works hard – and you spend good money – to bring new clients to your firm. Make sure their experience is a positive one from the very first call. Outsourcing some or all of your phone tree to a reputable call service company can free up your other staff to focus on proactive, high-level tasks.

3. Inspire or Create New Content with Canva

It's not uncommon for many legal marketing teams to struggle with publishing daily social media posts that are high quality, represent the firm, and connect with clients. Even the best marketing managers need inspiration every now and then! 

Use media production tools that improve the look and feel of your firm’s online presence while not requiring hours of extra training. Canva was designed for print and digital media masters and amateurs alike. Easy to learn and quick to produce, Canva lets you create visual content for promotions, social media updates for all channels, and digital art for blog posts or email campaigns. No photoshop required.

Or if you prefer to use your own creation tools, Canva is a great source of inspiration. With so many clients finding or interacting with their law firms online these days, your firm’s digital presence needs to be aligned with the firm’s values. Social media is also a valuable networking tool to meet other law firms. Make sure your image represents the quality of care and professionalism you provide your personal injury clients.

4. Get Creative and Flexible with Gadgets

We know, it’s already on your list, maybe even more than once. The latest Apple gear is out and ready for the taking. Bring an iPad with you into the next partner meeting and use it to take notes, pull up case files, and more. If you’re feeling generous, upgrade splurge on an iPad Pro for the marketing team! They can use it to sketch out ideas and bring brainstorming sessions to life. And of course, they need to make sure your law firm’s website is optimized for tablets.

Or maybe you need something to bring your team together and get the creative juices flowing? An Apple TV or Roku would be a great addition to your conference room. Start a monthly office movie night and tune into your new favorite show (Squid Game anyone?), or begin a new team-bonding activity, linking up to Apple Arcade.

Or jump into the holiday spirit by turning on music. What office wouldn’t love a Friday afternoon disco – or kick off the week with a round of “Eye of the Tiger.” 

5. Make Informed Marketing & SEO Strategy Decisions

Investing time and money into your firm’s advertising and marketing strategies is essential, but how will you know what’s working and what isn’t? How will you determine which of your efforts are bringing in the most traffic or what areas to reinvest your money and time in 2022? 

Treat your marketing team to Moz Pro for in-depth SEO keyword analytics for you – and your competition. See which campaigns, content, and calls-to-action are driving your website’s conversions. Moz optimization tools will give your marketing team insight into where to invest more of their valuable time.

Unwrap our legal gift guide-03

6. The Best Gift For Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Of course, what true legal marketing holiday gift guide could be complete without including CASEpeer case management software? Your marketing team will love CASEpeer for its intake reporting, marketing insights, and Mailchimp integration – but the rest of your law firm will be happy too. Customized for personal injury law firms, CASEpeer streamlines your practice from intake to settlement. What better way to show your marketing team a little extra love in 2022?

Start making smart decisions today. CASEpeer’s practice management tools and reports make it easy to set goals, establish accountability, and hit new milestones. All the things you need to start the new year off right.


CASEpeer is the comprehensive practice management software for personal injury law firms. Book a demo today to see how we can help your business grow in the new year.

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