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Marketing for Personal Injury Firms: 3 Reports Your Firm Needs

Successful personal injury firms are successful businesses. Here are 3 reports you need to improve marketing for your personal injury firm.

Successful personal injury firms are successful businesses. Although business skills are rarely taught in law school, the most effective attorneys have learned how to run their firms like businesses. Part of this success can be attributed to the firm leaders’ access to easily digestible and actionable data.

Law firms using technology undoubtedly have the best access to this kind of data. Legal case management software like CASEpeer helps personal injury firms capture and interpret data in meaningful ways. Successful attorneys know how to focus on the data most critical to their firm’s success.

These are the top reports for personal injury law firms


Personal injury firms need these reports

Intake Tracking

For personal injury firms, getting leads is competitive and expensive. From the moment a prospective client contacts your law firm, it’s important to keep track of them so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Your case management software should be able to show you a report of all leads in the intake process, when they were last contacted, and if they’ve been sent a contract. This increases accountability among your intake workers and gives you oversight over the whole process at a glance.

Marketing Reports

If your firm is spending money on marketing or thinking about doing so, you should know how that money is working for you. You should have an easy way to view conversion rates based on source type as well as how much money each campaign has made you in fees.

Knowing this information allows you to cut out marketing methods that aren’t working and double down on those that are.

Medical Treatment Tracking

As a personal injury attorney, you know how much of a headache medical treatment tracking can be.

In order to effectively manage records and billing requests, you need a place to organize them on every case as well as firm-wide. You should be able to see at a glance what bills and records have been requested from which providers and when.

Oversight over all your treating cases is necessary to ensure they’re being built up properly. You need a report that will be able to quickly tell you if your client’s medical bills are exceeding his policy limits, or if a case that is 89 days old still hasn’t received an incident report. While you can do this manually if your firm only has a few cases at a time, having access to these reports will help you scale as your firm grows.

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Lien Negotiations and Settlement Tracking

Law firms that negotiate liens are leaving money on the table if they’re not capitalizing on historical data. Case management software built for PI firms like CASEpeer can aggregate your history with insurance companies, adjusters, health providers, and other contacts so you can make the best strategic decisions.

While you should be tracking settlements for each individual case, you should also have access to a report that shows settlements across all cases. Doing so enables you to forecast the money coming into your firm and empowers you to plan accordingly.

Once a case is settled, you want to ensure the client gets her money as soon as possible. Your case management software should allow you to see all cases in lien negotiations and how long they have been in that status for. Ideally, you should be able to see how many cases each lien negotiator is working on and for how long. That way, if you see a negotiator has too many cases going into pending demand, you can reassign the case.

Your client is the last one to get paid, and clients don’t like to wait. If a case gets stuck in lien negotiations for too long, the client will be unhappy and could leave you a negative review. Case management software with the proper reports can help keep clients happy and minimize negative feedback.

Case Management Software Made for Personal Injury

Most case management solutions come with reporting features, but some are more useful than others. When possible, choose a case management software with the above reporting abilities. While some solutions will allow you to customize fields for your firm, many will not allow you to report on that data, making it less useful over time.

Case management software like CASEpeer has all of these reports and more built into it. We’ve worked with thousands of attorneys and staff to identify the metrics that matter most. Built for personal injury, CASEpeer not only helps you manage your cases, it also lays out a blueprint for a successful business. For more marketing for personal injury firms' best practices, check out The Benefits of Email Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms.

CASEpeer is the highly rated case management software designed for personal injury law firms. From intake to settlement, our robust features help law firms become more proactive and powerful. For more practice management tips, visit our blog.

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