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CASEpeer LIT Conference

CASEpeer LIT was an inspiring day filled with motivating words and takeaways from our guest speakers, leaving the audience feeling empowered to...

A Conversation with Tom Martin

Our CEO, Gabriela Cubeiro, is joined by Tom Martin, CEO and Founder of LawDroid, to discuss how law firms can be more effective in capturing leads...

A Conversation with Connor Beer

Connor Beer and Gabriela Cubeiro discuss how AccuMed helps law firms defend future and current medical treatment, and much more.

Legal Productivity

A Conversation with Helen Bukulmez

In this week’s webinar, “Why Embracing Mental Health and Wellness Is Good For Your Law Practice,” our CEO Gabriela Cubeiro sat down with Helen...

Legal Technology

A Conversation with Brett Whitten

CASEpeer’s “A Conversation With” Webinar Series is focused on providing valuable insights, new perspectives, and thought-provoking information from...

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EXPERT ADVICE with Lerner & Rowe

The EXPERT ADVICE Webinar Series is a CASEpeer-hosted platform dedicated to producing personable conversations with industry leaders to help law...

Lawyer Development

Effective Communication Tips for Lawyers

As a personal injury lawyer, you speak with clients, staff, insurance adjusters, other lawyers, and vendors. Effective communication is essential to...


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