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CASEpeer LIT Conference

CASEpeer LIT was an inspiring day filled with motivating words and takeaways from our guest speakers, leaving the audience feeling empowered to achieve their goals.

On August 19th, 2021 CASEpeer kicked off its first annual conference - CASEpeer LIT! The conference took place in Newport Beach, CA with the afternoon spent at the beautiful Newport Beach Country Club. Thought leaders and personal injury attorneys from all over the nation gathered together in the same room to discuss what it takes to unlock a firm's growth potential. Attendees spent the day learning from some of the industry's finest followed by cocktails and dinner to network and connect with other guests. CASEpeer LIT was an inspiring day filled with motivating words and insightful takeaways from our guest speakers, leaving the audience feeling empowered to achieve their goals.

The conference began with a meet and greet session which created a casual and inviting networking environment for all attendees. As guests arrived, they received a CASEpeer LIT gift bag filled with some amazing items from our event partners and supporters and enjoyed a cocktail while taking in the ocean views from the terrace of the country club. The venue set the tone for the afternoon providing a comfortable atmosphere allowing for optimal engagement and networking opportunities. DSC01354


Brian Reigle, CEO and Co-founder of CASEpeer, opened the event with a welcoming message to attendees and introduced our first panel of guest speakers. Kevin Crockett of Crockett Law Group and Tom Feher of Feher Law, APC kicked off our first panel on, "Setting Higher Goals, Resilience, and Winning." The two share what motivates them and how to not get stuck in your comfort zone.

"I don’t think that there is a finish line...I don’t think one exists. There are checkpoints, there are benchmarks. To stay motivated, I have to create checkpoints that are close together so I keep getting small wins and see the growth."  - Kevin Crockett

“If you’re getting comfortable, you're not really living. I always seek out challenges.”  - Tom Feher 


Our next panel topic was on "Creative Marketing that Makes an Impact'' and featured guest speakers Brett Sachs of Sachs Law and MVP Accident Attorneys, Taly Goody of Goody Law Group, and Bob Simon of Simon Law Group. This powerhouse panel of speakers had invaluable insights and marketing secrets to share with the audience. 

“You have to know what you want to do and what you want to be, and then you have to build a brand about that...think about what you want others to see and be truly who you are.” - Brett Sachs

“Authenticity is really important because when I post content, I always think about...Why am I “posting this? What is the message I want to get across? Am I providing value to people? Be true to yourself…That led to how I started creating content.” - Taly Goody

“If you’re going to start your own firm, be yourself, be authentic." -   Bob Simon

Next on the CASEpeer LIT stage was solo speaker Lauren Sturdivant, Founder/ Managing Attorney of Rising Tide Law and Founder/Chairman of the Board of Case Status. Lauren imparted knowledge to the audience on "Building a Client Centric Firm." 

“Just like any relationship, the most successful ones are the ones with effective and efficient communication.” - Lauren Sturdivant

She makes the point that the legal industry, in comparison to other service industries, has a lot of work to do in improving the client experience. Lauren inspired the audience to give their clients the best possible customer service.


Our next panel consisted of Maria Monroy of LawRank, Lucero Smith of CASEpeer, and Michael Graham of CASEpeer. The three discussed "The Foundation of Your Firm" in relation to marketing, human resources, and information technology. 

"Respond to reviews and don't be afraid of a negative review. Because what do we do as humans? We read the negative reviews and want to see how that business responded to the negative review.” - Maria Monroy

"I love hiring employees based on their potential versus their credentials." - Lucero Smith

"The number one rule of the IT department is to make sure that their information is available and secure. A lot of the cloud services today make that very easy." - Michael Graham

Next on the CASEpeer LIT stage was Reza Torkzadeh of TorkLaw speaking on "Excellence in Law and Leadership." Reza hones in on company culture and purpose at work. 

“When our employees understand the impact they have on our clients' lives, that’s what really drives the hard work, the perseverance, the creativity, the desire to grow and excel.” - Reza Torksadeh 

On the topic of growth, he encourages the audience to put their vision down on paper and talk about it as much as possible in order to see it come to life. 

Following Reza, we welcomed Kevin Rowe of Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys, Sam Mirejovsky of Sam & Ash LLP, and Zach Herbert of Herbert Law Group. The three spoke on a panel focused on "Planning and Executing on Growth." Each had countless insightful takeaways, but here are a few of the highlights.

“Don’t ever be stagnant. Always be willing to change, improve, and get better.” - Kevin Rowe

“Staffing and getting ready for what comes down the road will save you a tremendous amount of pain along the way.”  - Sam Mirejovsky 

"I did everything I could to get cases… showed up in costume, sent photos of my baby. That’s how I stood apart from the others asking for referrals." - Zach Herbert 

This panel was filled with humor, inspiration, and tenacity as the speakers shared their secrets for executing on growth. 


Glen Lerner of Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys concluded the conference as CASEpeer LIT’s Keynote guest speaker. Glen spoke about the legal industry as a collective whole and inspired the audience to always lead with the intention of putting their clients first. 

"Get involved in your communities, love your clients, and                communicate with your clients. If you communicate, you're going to    have happy clients. Treat your clients the way you want to be treated." - Glen Lerner

Glen ends the keynote presentation by speaking about the future of the legal industry, encouraging the audience to think about utilizing software to start growing together. 

Gabriela Cubeiro, CASEpeer Co-founder and CEO, provided closing words to the audience. She acknowledged our partners and supporters of the event, as well as the guest speakers for their commitment to making CASEpeer LIT a great success. After the speaking portion concluded, the event continued back onto the terrace where cocktails and dinner were enjoyed and connections were made between speakers and attendees. We thank all those who supported and attended the very first annual CASEpeer LIT conference, and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces next year!  





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