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Lead Capture and More With Woodpecker

Maximizing efficiency is key for every successful law firm, and automation makes that easy to achieve. 

Maximizing efficiency is key for every successful law firm, and automation makes that easy to achieve. 

In this webinar, CASEpeer Co-Founder and CEO, Gabriela Cubeiro, sat down with Alex Melehy, Founder and CEO of Woodpecker, to discuss using CASEpeer together with Woodpecker to capture leads, automate document generation, and more.

They discussed: 

  • Connecting CASEpeer + Woodpecker using Zapier
  • Creating online questionnaires to automate lead capture
  • Embedding the questionnaire on your website
  • Streamlining client intake using questionnaires that automatically populate CASEpeer with the client data
  • Populating multiple documents at the same time, for one or multiple clients
    And much more!

"Woodpecker is such a powerful tool and I think the thing that’s really neat about it that I admire from a technology standpoint is the conditional logic and the formulas and how powerful those are.”

- Gabriela Cubeiro, CASEpeer CEO & CoFounder

Learn how to generate documents faster, streamline your intake practices, and improve your operational processes overall to set your firm up for success. 



About Woodpecker

Woodpecker was founded by Alex Melehy alongside a team of dedicated engineers and attorneys who vehemently believe that generating accurate legal documents should not be something that consumes the resources of small law firms on a day-to-day basis. With no existing solutions to specifically meet the needs of solo & small firms, the team created Woodpecker to empower attorneys, paralegals, and legal administrators to automate the generation of frequently used legal documents easily, all from the comfort of Microsoft Word. Woodpecker is built intuitively so that anyone can build powerful templates and client intake questionnaires, without the need for expensive consultants or IT resources. Woodpecker connects to over 3,000 other apps via Zapier, so documents can be generated without ever opening Word.


About CASEpeer

CASEpeer is the leading cloud-based case management solution built for personal injury attorneys and their firms. With a turnkey solution tailored for the unique needs of personal injury law and backed by industry leading support, your firm can onboard and hit the ground running that day. Gain visibility across your entire firm’s operations, from case management and calendaring to employee performance, pipelines, and profitability. Built around the feedback of successful personal injury law firms nation-wide, CASEpeer provides everything your personal injury firm needs to succeed.

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