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Case Management Software

4 Reasons Law Firms Should Embrace Technology

Every year, new law office technology hits the market. While robot lawyers are still a thing of the future, here's what you CAN do to help your law...

Legal Productivity

How to Grow Your Small Law Firm

Small law firms, like any small business, need to make the most of their resources. Every individual employee is critical to the success of the firm....

Legal Technology

Server Versus Cloud Security

In recent years, there has been debate surrounding the security of servers versus cloud solutions. A growing number of case management solutions are...

Personal Injury Law Marketing

5 Social Media Best Practices for Law Firms

Today, nearly 80 percent of Americans have at least one personal social media profile. Learn how to connect with your law firm's audiences with...

Personal Injury Law Marketing

How to Respond to a Negative Review

As a law firm, your business depends in part on referrals. With online review sites like Yelp, a good word from a happy client can go a… Read More >

Big Firms

Introducing New Software to Your Employees

So you’re ready to adopt new case management software at your law firm. You’ve done your research, chosen the best product, and are excited to move...

Case Management

Why Your Law Firm Needs Case Management Software

Every law firm experiences growing pains. Large case loads, increased competition, employee training, and evolving client expectations are common...

Big Firms

How to Create a Secure Password

Is your password easy to remember? Chances are, the passwords protecting your law firm’s data are not as strong as they should be. From computers, to...


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