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Legal Software Made in the USA

Choosing legal case management software is no easy task. Between features, security, and support, there is a lot to consider when selecting software....

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CASEpeer Dash Buttons Use AI to Streamline Intake

CASEpeer Legal Software is pleased to announce the release of its newest product: CASEpeer Dash. CASEpeer Dash makes use of Amazon’s now-retired dash...

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All Successful Law Firms Share This Quality

Many attorneys know what it’s like to see a successful law firm and think, “what’s their secret?” You may wonder if they’re better connected, if they...

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Firm Up in 2019

Every January, 45% of people resolve to get in shape during the new year. Most people are referring to diet and exercise, but you should also be…...

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The 2019 Law Firm Technology Checklist

Today, most, if not all law firms are harnessing technology in their office. As 2019 approaches, this statement will only become more true. All...


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