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Employee Spotlight: CASEpeer Client Success Specialist Leah Jablon

In the next segment of our Employee Spotlight Series, we are interviewing Leah Jablon from CASEpeer’s Client Success Team. Leah first joined our team as an intern… Read More >

In the next segment of our Employee Spotlight Series, we are interviewing Leah Jablon from CASEpeer’s Client Success Team.

Leah first joined our team as an intern and has since been an invaluable member of our team, assisting hundreds of attorneys nationwide. Transitioning to new technology isn’t always a walk in the park, and our Client Success Team is tasked with the important responsibility of ensuring our clients become CASEpeer experts.

Tell me about what CASEpeer’s Client Success Team does.

The main role of the Client Success Team is to ensure that the needs of CASEpeer clients are taken care of and to promote their familiarity with the software. We are available to set platforms for learning basics, answer questions, and provide other resources so that clients aren’t overwhelmed.

Every client has a point of contact within the Client Success Team to whom they can direct all questions and concerns. We provide assistance and training over the phone, email, chat, and screen shares – you will always be able to speak with an actual CASEpeer employee.

Why is it important for Client Success to be available to our clients?

Transitioning to a new software can be overwhelming, especially if your law firm has fully operated on paper files. Clients need product experts who can walk them through CASEpeer, and our goal in every conversation is to turn our clients into CASEpeer pros. When a client is fully comfortable with the software’s functionalities, they can spend less time learning and more time streamlining their workflow.

What can a law firm expect when they contact your team?

Attorneys and firm staff can expect to talk to a real-life CASEpeer employee (no bots here)! As our titles say, we are committed to our clients’ success, so they can expect for their concerns and feedback to be listened to by our team. 

What would surprise new clients the most about the Client Success Team?

One thing that would surprise new clients is our extensive Help Center, which is filled with articles and videos to make you a successful CASEpeer user. Our team has dedicated the time to outline our most-asked questions and provide resources to thoroughly educate our clients.

On top of this, it’s really that easy to get in touch with us. Whether by phone, email, or chat, we pride ourselves in being able to promptly respond to all client questions. We have a policy of answering questions within 1-2 business days, but our clients will find that our response times are almost always faster than this. When we feel that verbal troubleshooting isn’t enough we are also more than happy to engage in a screen-share to ensure that questions are fully answered.

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Which feature do clients ask about the most? 

There are so many out there, but our Templates feature definitely takes the cake. They are just such a huge time saver for any law firm, that I am constantly getting questions on how to create certain demand letters and other documents. They are easy to make, and once they’ve been fully mastered a client can expect to save hours per week!

What is your favorite CASEpeer feature?

My favorite feature is CASEpeer’s suite of reporting tools because it shows our clients the level of detail we’ve put in designing a practice management tool for their needs. From medical requests to settlement management, there are plenty of reports that can help attorneys streamline the work they perform.

Our reporting tools truly show how “smart” CASEpeer can be – they visualize data gathered across a law firm’s caseload to show where they are performing well, and where they may be falling short. I think this presents a lot of potential for our clients to tailor how they scale and grow.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I really enjoy performing secondary training sessions with clients. This is when a client is already fully onboarded but wants to better harness CASEpeer’s features for their specific needs. I love how interactive these training sessions are, as well as the problem-solving element involved with successfully helping a client. The fact that I continue to help attorneys better serve their own clients continues to be a hugely rewarding part of my job.

When you’re not working – and not under quarantine – where can we find you and what are your hobbies?

I’ve played tennis for 15 years, and I enjoy playing with my friends and locals at various Orange County Parks. I am also a big fan of the movies, and I go when I can with my friends (pre-pandemic, of course). During quarantine, I’ve also been able to finish a few books – you should check out Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi!



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